I found something new.

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I've been using @partiko for quite long for steemit blogging and I love how easy it is to use partiko app and having reward everyday.

Lately, percisely about a month according to my partiko notification, it had not been giving notifications which is I thought one of the most important things.

I've tried taging them in post and comments but until now, I've got no reply from them. I've waited but then I give up, I started searching for another app to use. Then I found this app, the @e-steem app. This is my first time trying, I hope it will be just as good or better than partiko.

I notice that partiko last post was 5 months ago, maybe they will be back with a better app when the price of steem raise again. There is a lot of steemian stop posting because of the price drop I guess.

Until then, I will be using e-steem app.
Here is the link where I download this app if anyone else would like to try.


There are other that have been using this app, please give us new user some guidance.

Thats all for now.



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Sad to see the @partiko mobile app no longer being supported. I really liked it and used it to vote and comment. The notification feature was great!

I waited a while after notifications stopped, to see if they would come back. But they didn't, so I removed my delegated Steem Power from their account and I haven't used Partiko lately.

I do plan to try esteem, but haven't had a chance to install it yet. I hope it works well for you. :)

It did work well so far. I'm start liking this esteem app. Still learning to use it though. I still use partiko to read and vote but for posting and notification, I used esteem. Maybe they will come back someday. I like partiko reading view better.

Thank you for your thoughts on esteem. I will try it out. :)