Hasil2020 update February #2

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It supposed to be a monthly update for this project by @davidke20 and @victoria-bella. They called it #hasil2020.

As @wakeupkitty said before, it's hard to keep track of the post if I update this monthly so I'm going to do a weekly update too following her footsteps. I hope that is alright with both of you @davidke20 and @victoria-bella. I believe that by updating this weekly, this project will reach more participants.

Both of the organizer of this contest are giving away their steem to the participants and I believe that theybare doing this for encouragement, to give sone ideas on what to write about for the whole year.


All participants are receiving this direct payment of 0.05 steem from them. Correct me if I'm wrong @davidke20.

I'm receiving them for all my post not only the update post but all. So in my calculations if I post twice a day, I will get 0.1 steem per day and in 20 days I actually got 2 steem per month and if I post more I'll get more. Well, twice a day is enough for me.

It's a head start, it's an open road to achieve a bigger something by the end of the year and that something is your own goals.This is an invitation to join in this project and together we'll encourage each other.

Exclusion for ridiculous goals like men giving birth as @davidke20 said in his latest post here. 🤣🤣🤣

It was an easy task actually.

  • Set you goals or goal for this year.
  • update your achievements once a month.
  • Use the tag #hasil2020 for them to find us or for us to find each others.

My own progress.


This is actually my earlier goals but I need to alter it a bit.

My new goals.

  • To post twice a day during workdays.
  • According to my achievements so far, rather than targeting to have 1000 steem by the end of this year I'm going to change it to getting 45 steem a month and this will increase gradually. By mean, I'm suppose to get at least 10 steem per week and SP achievement is excluded.
  • I still join contest whenever I run into them plus I'm making a giveaway myself. It's week 3 now and you can find the details here. Feel free to join in. This is another way for me to boost up my engaging plan.
  • I'm still keeping some of my steem for selling someday but I guess buying during price drop is out of my reach curently.

My achievements so far.

I'm top 10 in esteem app leaderboards daily.

Still a long way to the top monthly.

I think this is how I'm going to monitor my own engaging activities.

In around a month, I got around 50 to 60 steem which didn't actually reach my initial goal but that's alright.

This is the amount of steem I gained last week.

This is the amount of SP. So little but it's going to be more and more throughout this year.

It's not that easy to achieve goals but it's worse to not even try, I think.




I wonder if it is important to be in the water too 10.

It all sounds good and I think you can make it.
You can join all the CCC contests. They are good for 6 posts a day 👍

Good luck to you.
!trdo 💕

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So far I tried joining 2 of the ccc contest. The poetry and the thursday one. I'm still thinking of the other contest with same question weekly 🤔.

I haven't got any idea on what to write about. So much topic with so less time, I always pick the easy one out.

Would be joining in the 5 minutes prompt soon.

@heartbeat1515 On Monday you write what the community CCC means ... if it is nothing youbwrite that. There is no wrong... next you can write about something different too like joining contests, the hasil2020 or engagement on steem.

On Wednesday you can join with each post actually. You can write how your day was, the snacks you baked for your daughter or whatever you like.

Thursdays is the "my favorite..." day.

Friday is new. What do you do with... this week it is beets. If you do not eat beat you write that or write a story about beets or...

Saturday is looking back/look forward... memories or goals or wishes or hopes...

Sunday is the lyric and poetry contest and the take a pic and comment. This week it is "red" so if you like you can combine it with the beets or the Saturday contest or...

Once you are used to it writing once and joining two contests with it makes it easier too. ❤️

I'll try that. Thank you for the tips. It sound easy as you explain. Can I actually write it all together in one day? Different post I meant. For all the contest that week?

Most contests run 6 days, some 7 or longer (the poetry 2 weeks) so you could write all on one day.💕

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