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Big hugs to you @faitherz33!!! Honestly I have always wondered how a military spouse survives and feels, as I watch documentaries. Somehow I feel for you all but it is never the same cos I will never fully understand. It really makes you weak and strong at the same time. I'm so glad Ryan cheers you up!

I'm so sorry for the loss of the baby. It must have been a very miserable period.

Lots of love and blessings for you and Wes. The grace and comfort of God be with you 💝

Welcome to Steemit and do share more. I love your real life story writing. It captures the soul.

P/S: Did you draw the pencil sketched picture? It draws me to your post!


Thank you! It has taken me all these years to really start to process and accept everything we went through. It is wonderful to start working through everything and realize they just created me :) . It definitely was a difficult time in my...really our, lives.
The photo was taken by me on the day of his first deployment, then my sister in law had a friend draw it. My sister in law told her friend to focus only on the details of Wes's face, then fill from there. It is my favorite photo, I have ever taken! This was even taken before I could review what it looked like after I took the picture...sooo after it was developed at a store, I opened the picture packet to show Rylan pictures of his daddy. And this picture ripped my soul apart, I broke down right there in the middle of the store. I love the raw emotion and that it depicts exact feeling of that moment.
This will be the cover of my Book!

Congratulations @faitherz33, for making the most of opportunities. You will succeed

Thank you so much!

Such a great capture! Excellent choice for it to be the cover of your book. Writing is therapeutic, so it is good that you are processing your feelings this way. It is healthier for the soul too.

I'm looking forward to read more from you and will drop by as often as I can. Followed you and yes we continue to connect trough the #steemmamas group too. You may use the footer banner we have, if you want. So much to learn from you. Xx.

Fantastic! Thank you!!!

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