The best dog breeds (in my experience): Shih-Tzus

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This is a bit of a disclaimer that I had in my previous article about another breed I have experience with.

I know how sensitive people can get about their dog and trust me when I say that I am totally with you. I would quite easily "rage-kill" anyone who harmed my doge, so I understand this notion. When I make this list I want people to understand that I am not a veterinarian nor have I owned a great many dogs in my life (just one at a time.) However, these breeds are the best breeds that I have experienced in my life.


I never really thought I would have one of these dogs because for the most part I am a guy who likes having bigger dogs... until I accidentally ended up having a Shih-Tzu.


I acquired this dog when a Korean friend was moving back to Korea and because of how difficult it is to move a dog from one country to another, she sought to find someone to look after it rather than take it with her (NOTE: I don't agree with this process - i would never abandon my doggie, no matter how difficult it was to move them... However, since I now have this wonderful creature in my own life, I am glad this woman did this)

I did not approve this acquisition of this dog but my Korean girlfriend at the time didn't ask my permission and while I was upset at first, it ended up being one of the greatest accidents of the last 20 years of my life.

celebrating her 2nd birthday

Anyway, this wasn't meant to be specifically about me.

Shih-Tzus have to be one of the easiest dog breeds to own. I know several people that have them and no one has any horror stories about them chewing up everything they can get their hands on or crapping all over the house. They are quite easily house trained and it doesn't seem to take very long for them to understand what items actually are for their use (to chew on) and which ones are not for chewing.

There has been only ONE instance of my dog chewing up something she wasn't supposed to and I still blame myself for putting the discarded chicken wings in low lying waste basket. Some temptations are just too difficult to suppress. I was actually a bit impressed that she was able to eat them all.

playing with one of her favorite pals, "Doo-Lee" which is apparently a Korean cartoon of sorts

The breed doesn't fare so well in official intelligence rankings... and this actually surprised me. Of all dogs the Shih-Tzu is in the category of “Lowest Degree of Working/Obedience Intelligence."

Although it is likely true that teaching a Shih-Tzu tricks is likely more difficult than with other dogs, my own Shih-Tzu knows quite a few commands and ALWAYS listens to me in public.

I believe that Shih-Tzus are one of the easiest breeds in existence. I have had a lot of dogs in my life and I can leave this one alone with confidence that she isn't going to do anything she shouldn't.

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I love all dogs as each one has a different character. I must admit I prefer big dogs, but don't dislike small ones at the same time. Mastiffs are my favorite and one saved my family from an armed robbery a few years ago. A poodle couldn't have done that and why I will always have a Mastiff of some sorts. Next one is a Neapolitan as I am not allowed a Cane Corso which is my first choice.Your dogo is well behaved and you guys have a strong bond which is fantastic to see.

My wife and I have always been bigger dog people too. If we ever get another one, I have a feeling we might lean more towards a smaller breed next time. They just take up so much less room and they don't shed as much. Plus as I am getting older, I don't think I will be able to lift a 70 pound dog should the occasion arise. I hear you about the chicken wing story. As much as we make them part of our family, at the end of the day, they are still dogs and they can't resist their base instincts!

I'm a convert. In the end, I really enjoy the companionship and loyalty. Small dogs are not an exception and with a 12 lb dog, even if it is a terror that chews up everything... there is only so much damage they can cause. Plus they make cat sized poopies that are far more manageable. :P

Yes, those are some very good reasons.

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Mere looking at the Shih-Tzus you'd see that it looks calm, pretty damn fluffy but you know well taken care of, truth is when you mean celebrating her two years birthday, does it mean two years with you or two years since she was born?

since she was born. I got her when she was already older than 1. I actually don't know exactly when her birthday is, so i guessed, and that is now her birthday. Since she has very little concept of what time is, or even what most all things are, she is happy to get the premium snacks and what not....

@gooddream Totally agree with your words... Dogs are really lovable and inhales in all humans worries and give them back unconditional love.... Thanks alot!!! And say my Hi to this cute Shih-Tzu...

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I whole heartily agree. Small dogs are freaking amazing IMO :)

I have a Yorkshire terrier and he is the most awesome part of my mornings and when I come home.

Great article :D

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i subscribe to a Yorkie IG group just to see the cute pictures every day. I am a small dog convert now.... i never saw that coming :)

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In the last picture your dog looks perfectly in the camera. Thats so difficult sometimes. She is so cute.

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