My nephew bike journey across the country in the fight against cancer 4K for cancer( Ulman cancer fund )

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Day 21-27: WISCONSIN! What an interesting state... had authentic cheese curds, tried Spotted Cow beer, explored the University of Wisconsin, biked through 3 pitch black tunnels and experienced one of our hottest days so far, met some amazing people and heard their stories, said goodbye to Lake Michigan, and just fell in love with this state. But, I’m ready for Minnesota!050E66E0-048F-4DE4-86BB-5D5E794F35A8.jpegAB144FAA-E2D2-4BE6-8F80-FEE82F599750.jpegBB0C1AA1-5510-4A99-B426-ABBF62B6E3B9.jpeg839F3880-6473-4529-9113-33227908D657.jpeg3B77643C-F820-44D2-AFF7-751AECAA5B7C.jpeg6C2A46CB-6CD8-43C3-A0A2-2C6470F27575.jpeg4B694B52-8820-4C22-B885-98F1329C714C.jpeg10C7B9DE-F19A-47CB-9DE1-9488EA1CCDEC.jpeg4B1B94AB-F23C-4FE5-BD75-0D29CBA16098.jpeg5B1ABFE5-1117-486C-94C0-547915BBB733.jpeg8F84425E-2211-4CE4-BC9B-E12ECA0191B8.jpegupvote and resteemed


This is very awesome and inspiring of him!

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