Can You Really Earn FREE BTC?? Well Apparently So & Here Is How.........

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Today I am looking at Crypto Tab and showing you how this works.

After my post on Steemit, I had a few questions so I have done this quick video to show you what it is, how it works and more.

You can check out the blog post mentioned in this video here ---->

Thanks for reading / watching.

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[Not Taught @ School] (

Disclaimer: This video is my own personal opinion, please do your own research before making any investment into any cryptocurrency. You can lose some or all of your investments. By reading this you acknowledge and accept this.

▶️ DTube

Opens popups and popunder tabs while sleeping. Blockers stop it from running. So you wake up with 50 tabs running and your computer frozen. How long did you use it? Did you withdraw from it? After giving it an honest shot, I took it off my test computer. It crashed it 3 x and it is a really powerful computer.

My friend told me about this and he has been running this for a month and has withdrawn successfully.

Will check it out again.

Glad to hear this :-)

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