SNAX earnings, an opportunity?

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Today, I'm quite delighted on the amount of Snax tokens that I received and I don't even know that it's happening. Since Snax operates on the background, I don't really know how do they calculate the amount of tokens to be given to an account until I found about the Attention Rate.



As of this moment, my rating is 16,231 and my current position is at #1,008. Those are some really big numbers.

Those numbers are the one responsible with the amount of tokens that I'm receiving on a daily basis. Right now, my earnings has already amount to 8,412.5336 Snax tokens.

Based on what I gather, the Snax token isn't listed in exchange yet and it doesn't have a monetary value yet. Right now, the only option for its use is to "tip it" to a person with a Twitter or Steem account that are both linked to their Snax account. I heard that it will also be integrated to other social media platforms, I personally thrilled for this to happen.

What I like about Snax is that it could be a way to bridge users across different social media network. Let show you a screenshot on how the Snax wallet look like:

Right now, it has two leaderboard, one for Twitter while the other is Steem. As I click on Twitter, I can see the top users who has the most attention rate, I know all of these guys as they are famous.

Beside it is the leaderboard of Steem.

Most of the names here look familiar to me but I doubt that anyone outside Steem(it) will know these guys. And here's the amazing thing about it...

As I clicked on Timcliff's name, Snax has led me to Timcliff's profile and his steemit account link is also provided in it. This is where an outside user can discover who is Timcliff or what is Steemit about through his page.

I believe that Snax's future success will contribute much to the discover-ability of our Steem(it) platform. And they could actually create a window of opportunity for Steem users to be known outside our own platform.

How do you get a higher attention rate? Create contents that others will enjoy for them to upvote, comment, & resteem. As simple as that... steem on!

Cheers guys!

Happy Sunday.

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I'm also looking forward on the earning opportunities involving snax. Right no I have almost 2500 Snax tokens because my Steem posts are not getting a lot of attention at the moment. The road map looks great, if they can meet all the goals we may have a price for Snax at the end of the year.

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In steem-time 7 mos shouldn't be long for me and we're not actually putting extra effort for it. So much to gain for a little risk to take. All the best on your snax man!