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Well not sure if you can call this a beer can. It's actually a small 5 liter keg of beer. Not sure how you call something that small a beer keg since it's hardly enough for a decent buzz. Henninger German beer. This is the only time I've ever seen this. My Mom bought this for me for Christmas one year as a joke. I think it was the first time she ever bought me beer. She wasn't too happy when I drank the whole thing in about an hour. Good thing she didn't know about the other case I had been drinking. The beer was awful. I kept the keg all these years and moved it onto a shelf in the bar.

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Fubar Fubar what will I do,
if the line is below my lovely shoe.
Will it bring fame, will it bring glory?
So far it has already been boring.

Did you already meet Jafar,
did he really take a shit in your bar?
what a wonderful treat,
I bet it was really neat.