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Getting away from the beer cans/bottles a bit (running out of those) but I do have some other cans around the bar. These are from 1999. Pepsi put out 24 collectible cans in the US to celebrate the release of Star Wars Episode I. These were released slowly during the year. There were 4 diet Pepsi 4 Pepsi One, 8 Mountain Dew and 8 Pepsi cans in the set. I have all of them. Keeping with the original slow release I'm doing a few each week. Too many pics to do them all at once. These are the Pepsi One cans. On them we have C-3P0, Chancellor Valorum, Boss Nass, and Nute Gunray. These ones are all empty. If they weren't the acid in the pop would have probably ate though the cans by now.

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