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There has been so much going on recently in steem land that I feel like I must choose between two camps that both proclaim to be open communities. That being said I started powering down hive a few days ago.

If I have to choose I'll go Steem as everything I use is here (although steemmonsters seems to have just gone down in order to switch to or add hive), however I am planning my own little media empire (basically just a village gazette) and intended to post to as many platforms as possible, including Steem,Hive,Tron and the usual mainstream sites.

I have seen a few users going the other waymoved.png

Sorry if this is a waste of a post but I've been wanting to vent for a while :(
Frugal and confused in Steem land


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Most likely

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I posted too soon
It seems steemmonsters is switching and steemauto has ceased operation, the only option I seem to have left is to pull out of both systems and hope that I don't lose too much on the way.
I feel like an idiot for putting money into either system right now ;( It was a lovely idea

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