'Heart-shaped breasts' are the bizarre new social media trend

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China seems to be a country that's never tired of bizarre body challenges. 

A new social media craze which sees women making heart shapes with their  breasts is sweeping across the Chinese social media outlets, the Daily Mail reports. 

The trending topic, which has gathered nearly two million clicks on  Twitter-like Weibo, came just a week after web users flocked to make a  knot with their fingers to show off the flexibility of their hands. 

Apparently, the challenged, named 'heart-shaped breast challenge'  started earlier this week when a live-stream hostess created 'the trick'  to attract more fans. 

Some web users claimed that only buxom women could complete the challenge.  'To be honest, women with small breasts cannot squeeze out a heart shape,' said one person said on Weibo.  'Who wants to have a competition with me?' Asked another user 'pinkyhua'.   Male users have chosen to put a fun spin on the challenge as a picture  showing a middle-aged man trying to squeeze his breast has been shared  under the topic.  It's  understood that some of the pictures under the topic page have been  removed by the Chinese online censors as they have been deemed too  risque.  However, the trending topic page is still accessible as of writing.  Bizarre challenges involving different parts of body have always been popular among Chinese social media users.  Earlier this month, thousands of people in China are showing off the flexibility of their fingers. 

One challenge, called the 'finger knot', was particularly popular. The  challenge asked web users to make a knot with their fingers, and bonus  points go to those who could do the trick one-handed. 

In 2015, 130 million people joined in the so-called 'belly button  challenge' as they tried to touch their navels by reaching around their  backs. According to the organizer, the challenge was to test if the  participants needed to lose weight. 

In another popular challenges, women flaunted their figures by showing  how many coins they could hold with their collarbones - and the rule was  the more coins they could carry, the more beautiful they were. 

Some other similar crazes have seen Chinese women trying to wrap  banknotes around their wrists or to compare their waists with A4 paper  to prove that they are skinny enough. 

However, these trends have sparked concerns among medical experts, who  claimed that the challenges were promoting a worrying concept of beauty  among people, especially women. 

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