5 Extra Tips On How To Manage Your Time Like Pro!

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This is a continuation of my previous post. Read part 1 here:


Do not leave things for later.

Pray the old popular saying: "Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today". Deferring to the end the things you do not like to do is one of the worst strategies you can use, since the only thing you will achieve is to prolong the stress associated with the task. Do what you do not like to do first! In this way, the rest of the day will pass in a more pleasant way. If the task is very big, divide it into smaller tasks until it is easy for you to take the first step.

Delegate to others.

One way to do more in less time is assigning tasks to third parties. The key to delegate is to assign some activity to someone else if they can do it faster, easier or better than us. In case you do not have someone directly in charge, consider delegating the tasks to a partner, a provider or even a client. Remember that as Machiavelli said: "the end justifies the means." Of course, after delegating do not forget to thank others in the appropriate way. You're probably thinking that people do not like to receive third-party tasks. However, various studies show exactly the opposite: we like people to assign tasks to us and especially if we are good at doing them; so choose the most appropriate person and delegate the task.

Learn to say "NO".

Saying "no" can be one of the most powerful time management tools you can master. Of course, it is not about evading responsibilities, but about investing our time where we are most productive. If the task in question interferes with the objectives you have set, look for a subtle way to deny yourself. Suggest to another person who can do the job with the same or better results and always in the friendliest way possible. Similarly, one of the philosophies that has worked best for me in business is the following: you only accept projects where both parties win, both the client and your company. If the client is not going to benefit "substantially" when acquiring your product or service, and I insist, "substantially"… Bad business. On the other hand, if the compensation you get for the project does not allow you to obtain a reasonable profit after paying the costs, bad business. The best businesses you can do are always where both parties win.

Concentrate on the current task.

Concentrate one hundred percent on one and only one task at a time. When we manage to concentrate 100% for periods of hours, we have highly productive periods. However, achieving this concentration and entering this area of productivity costs a lot of work and any interruption is enough to get out of it. This is why you should try to eliminate all possible distractions: disconnect the phone or activate the answering machine, turn off the cell phone, close the email or the programs to "chat" and close your door.

Do not forget the most important person.

Sometimes, when we have big projects on the doorstep, we tend to forget about others and what is worse, about ourselves. However, to be highly productive we require an adequate balance between body and mind. Perform activities that relax us, feed us properly and share time with our loved ones, is what really allows us to acquire a state of harmony and perform at maximum for extended periods. Do not forget to recharge your batteries, because only then will you get the energy you need to complete all your projects.

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