How to manage your time like a Pro! PART 1

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Here are 5 quick Time Management Tips..

Clearly define the objectives and select the most important.

Being more effective with your time is totally irrelevant if you do not know how to invest it. Sometimes, people spend a lot of energy trying to be more efficient, without knowing for sure what we want to achieve. Remember that it is essential to distinguish between things that are really important and those that are not. An easy way to do this is to determine how much your time per hour costs, that is, the amount you want to earn per month divided by the hours you work (the standard is 160: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and 4 weeks per month). Once this value is determined, only the following rule follows: do not do anything that potentially pays you less than your value per hour multiplied by the time you will invest in the task.

Analyze how you spend your time.

You would be surprised to know how many unimportant things we spend time on. However, to know exactly what these unimportant things are, we need to first make them conscious, and this is achieved by keeping a record. One way to do this is to use a clock with an alarm that sounds every 30 minutes. Each time the clock sounds, briefly write down the activities you did in the past half hour. Once you have the records, examine them. How do your goals relate to the activities in which you really invest the time? Are you really attending relevant and priority things?

Keep a list of pending tasks.

This is one of the simplest yet most powerful things in any time management system: the to-do list. It does not matter if you use the fashionable electronic device or a sheet of brown paper, but keep a record. What really makes the difference is the habit of writing your pending tasks day after day.

Assign priority to your tasks.

Once your list is finished, determine which are the most important elements and mark them in some way that stands out above all others. If the list is very large, make a new list with the priority items for the day or week. Going back to the practice of determining your hourly value, gives more priority to the tasks that potentially pay you the most.

Plan your day from the previous day.

All experts in time management recommend planning the activities of the next day from the day before. Take the last 10 minutes of each day to review your list of pending and determine what you have to specify the next day. This simple exercise will allow you to start each day knowing exactly what you need to do and with what task you should start.


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