Exploring My Neighborhood - Rockwood in Historic District

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Couple days ago I decided to walk around our new neighborhood. I knew that we had some beautiful houses in the neighborhood, but I didn’t realize there would be so many enormous houses with long driveways like in the castles that I saw in Europe.

It was impossible to take pictures of these huge houses with my phone camera because they were too far from the street and I don’t have very good zoom in feature, but I did manage to take several cute pictures of some “smaller” houses in the neighborhood and pretty sidewalks.

Let's start with a famous historic house called Cannon House, which was completed in 1911. This house was a home to Edward Cannon, a pioneer and lawyer credited as one of the founders of Gonzaga Law School, and his wife Helen.

Small building on the right used to be a carriage house, now it is a garage for regular cars :)

2018-02-13 12.12.11 1.jpg

The property, which includes the house, garage, front terrace/porch, and basalt rock retaining walls, is architecturally significant as an excellent example of the Colonial Revival style and as a product of Spokane architect and accomplished craftsman, Earl W. Morrison. The property represents specific building and development trends that led to prescribed residential settlement in the Rockwood neighborhood.

While I was walking I found very pretty sidewalks with beautiful entrances to these huge houses..

2018-02-11 08.02.09 1.jpg

2018-02-13 10.46.13 1.jpg

...and this is how Rockwood neighborhood starts with columns like that.

2018-02-13 10.41.24 1.jpg

Sidewalks are marked this way. I actually never seen anything like that in other neighborhoods.

2018-02-13 10.47.48 1.jpg

Here are some other pictures of the neighborhood..

2018-02-11 08.02.42 1.jpg

2018-02-11 08.09.13 1.jpg

2018-02-13 10.52.07 2.jpg

House on the right has copper roof. Looks very pretty I think!

2018-02-13 10.52.07 1.jpg

..and this is a church I wrote about in my previous post
It is not in the Rockwood neighborhood, but it is right by it and very close to my house (about half of mile away).

2018-02-11 10.56.18 1.jpg

2018-02-11 09.34.48 1.jpg

Check my post: Cheers to a new life! - We Bought a HOUSE in a Historic District! , where I write more about the history of this neighborhood.


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Looks kind of magical...like from a wizard movie!

Beautiful pictures! Very beautiful views , amazing!

thank you :)

A famous historic house called Cannon house is indeed historic that is 107years ago that,it has been built.Congratulations on your new house that is located in historic district.

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really beautiful photography, Spring is around the corner will be a really nice scene

I think so too! should be very green and flowery :) thanks for stopping by :)

That church window is a beautiful Mandala :) I'd love to see it from the inside!

check the other post where I post more pictures about this place. a lot of pictures from inside!

The neighborhood looks fantastic. I really like the one with the copper roof must have coast a fortune :) And the name Rockwood sounds like out of a movie :)

A famous historic house called Cannon house is indeed historic that is 107years ago that,it has been built.Congratulations on your new house that is located in historic district.



hello im Nasir

Beautiful sights!!

Wow i could just leave everything and come to live there you’re so lucky in this neighborhood nice post @ella-kay

Such a gorgeous neighbourhood. And such unique and stunning architecture. I can see why its considered an historic area. I assume this is The US, but what state is it?

this is in Spokane, Washington.

Very nice in your neighborhood. And very clean(Well, I certainly compare it with my quarter here))))

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