Photography Tour! Inside and Outside of UNBELIEVABLY Beautiful Church in Spokane, Washington - Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

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As a travel enthusiast and coming from religious family, I have been to hundreds of different churches and other houses of prayers of many various religions around the world, and I have to say this church in Spokane is on my list of the most beautiful churches in the world!

St. John’s Cathedral is one of the few examples in America of classic Gothic architecture. St. John’s Cathedral had a French influence for gothic architecture. Also, this cathedral is one of the biggest in the state of Washington reaching 197 ft tall. The construction of this cathedral began in November of 1925 and it was completed in 1929.

The stones used to construct this beautiful cathedral came from a quarry near Tacoma, Washington and were used for the outside. When the quarry in Tacoma ran out of rocks that were the correct color the builders went to a quarry in Idaho and got sandstone, which they used, for the Narthex Nave, the main entrance, and the Crossing. Another stone that was used was Indiana Limestone. It was used for the rest of the cathedral. The roof is made out of copper.

This is the front of the church.

2018-02-11 09.34.48 1.jpg

Front door. This is probably one of the most beautiful doors I have ever seen.

2018-02-11 10.08.35 1.jpg

I came to this church during evening hours, when no one was there and officially the church was closed, but I did find a way to get in. There was no lighting in some areas of the church.

This is the altar. The ceiling is full of golden stars.

2018-02-11 09.59.02 1.jpg

2018-02-11 10.48.18 1.jpg

By the altar I found seating for the priests and other people of church.
I love the design!

2018-02-12 10.52.37 1.jpg

Also, beautiful design for the kneeling area.

2018-02-11 10.52.32 1.jpg

2018-02-11 10.54.05 1.jpg

This picture was taken from altar area. I am facing the area where people are supposed to be sitting and listening to a priest. I think this is an unusual design because of the coat of arms flags. It reminds me of renaissance time.

2018-02-12 10.56.24 1.jpg

There are two musical instruments in the cathedral, organ and carillon. It was kind of dark in the church, so I couldn’t find carillon, but I did see the organ. The organ in the cathedral has 4,094 pipes.

2018-02-11 10.46.11 1.jpg

You can see the organ at the end of the church.

2018-02-11 09.50.51 1.jpg

Beautiful hallway that leads to a praying area.

2018-02-11 09.43.12 1.jpg

..and here are more pictures of exterior of the church.

2018-02-12 10.56.25 1.jpg

2018-02-11 10.57.50 1.jpg

Beautiful lighting all over the church.

2018-02-11 10.59.04 1.jpg


2018-02-11 09.29.30 1.jpg

And this is the surrounding area by the church..

2018-02-11 10.56.18 1.jpg

This building is part of the Church. I think some people live there.

2018-02-12 11.02.59 1.jpg

Sun Clock

2018-02-11 11.01.08 1.jpg

All pictures were taken with Samsung Galaxy s8.


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Beautiful photography, I see you dedication in work.

thank you :)

That's pretty spectacular @ella-kay. I'll have to do a road trip south and visit. Here's the map location:

thanks for stopping by :)

Great photos :)

Love seeing this post! Especially as someone who lives in Washington state--it’s neat to see our region being repped on steemit. You’re the second person who did some beautiful content I’ve seen today about the Pacific Northwest. More please! :)

thanks for checking out my post :) I will post more! :)

Coming from a religious country, I can say this structure is one of the most beautiful out there!

I agree, it is very pretty. thanks for stopping by :)

I'll visit Spokane in April for business trip and feel like I need to visit here ;-)

I will post more about Spokane. Hopefully you will want to visit those places too :) thanks for reading

Very beautiful.

thanks for stopping by :)

Очень красиво!!!

it is :) thanks for checking out my post

The US churches have a different feel from the European ones. Although I'm not religous I've been visiting a lot of cathedrals this week and really like the serenity of them.

I am not religious either even though I come from religious family, but yeah there are differences between US churches and European, mostly it is because US churches are a lot newer. thanks for stopping by :)

It has an amazing architecture!

indeed it has :) thanks for stopping by

I love cathedrals and sacred sites of all kinds. This is amazing! Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure I'll be in Spokane one day, so I'll put this on my list of things to visit!

thank you! Spokane has a lot of history! I will be writing a lot about this little city. Maybe you will find something else that you will want to see :)

Amazing architecture. Probably some Freemasons or Rosicrucians involved in the design, there's quite a few esoteric symbols, like the smaller stained glass window with the Trillium flower, and the keys and scimitar crests in the designs around the doorway.

I agree. I thought the same thing, but I can't find any information about it.

This is one beautiful church. The acrchitecture, design everything. thanks for letting us travel through your photos.

thanks for stopping by :)

wow what a nice place you've got. I guest mostly of people wanted to go that church, its comfortable and peacefully to pray. :)


I usually don't go to church, but this is one church I would go. thanks for checking out my post :)

Hey i loved your pictures, you're quite something, but i admire your ability to sneak inside churches to take some awesome photographs haha.
I'll follow you, nice work, keep it up!

Btw, the sun clock it's my favorite, this church reminds me the Nidaros cathedral in Noruega.

thank you :)

You've managed to capture the beauty of the church - external architecture & the interior. All on a Samsung Galaxy S8! Enjoyed your post.

thanks for stopping by :)

Very beautiful.

Nice work, looks absolutely incredible!

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