A Writer and Her Notebook

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Yup, I've been free writing in notebooks, which used to be my preferred method of getting the juices flowing- but little by little the laptop replaced pen and paper. Until recently- it's more conducive to hiking, just whip out a little notepad and pen.

Below is an excerpt from last week, enjoy!

These newer ideas are more conducive to fiction, pour reality into it and you have something magical.

I see things differently than I once did, but that doesn't mean the magic is gone, not even close. This place is still a mystery wrapped in a dream within a dream. We don't know where we're going or where we were before, we only know shades of where we've been while we were here on this plane.

And the here and now is experienced over days and weeks and months...and years if we can remember, the past still apart of the present. They say the past is past, I say the past is a candy bowl of experiences, because what is this life without experiences-they are the point.

And from time to time I unwrap one of these moments, feel the way it felt then, feel it through the filter of now. Experiences, they are the reason I would jump into this sandbox.

And I chose a nice sandbox, filled with pure white sand, littered with shiny toys- though the shiny things are not what I love, not the experiences that matter most. I blew the sand back and made way for forests and mountains, gorges and waterfalls.

(One of my preferred writing pitstops)

But I digress, because it's really about how we perceive the experiences we have. I am egocentric, as are we all. Perhaps others don't need to be aware of the experiences as they happen- in many ways I am still unaware. Perhaps we all get to relive them in some later place in some other there.

That we've been here before seems probable more than possible, seems logical.

How many lives can one being live, was I around when the world was flat? Did I lay in the Heather of the highlands, and how many times for each life? Infinite possibilities. Far too much for this limited brain to comprehend though I do in a general way, the same as I do eternity.

Working steadily on book three of the Allies of Old series, hope all of my steemit friends are getting injection of inspiration as well!

Enjoy my writing style?

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