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This day I will just continue what I have started for this whole semester in our duty. May we all be guided by our Father in Heaven for all the activities we are encountering.


Let us pray 😇

Lord God thank you father for all the goodthings that you have given to us, for the trials we thank you for your guidance. Thank you Father for our food, health , career and family for not letting us just hang on a small problem that relieved by your hand everytime we need you. We glorify your name Father.
Bless us oh Father that we may solve those difficult problems that we may or we are encountering. And help those people who are sick and who are in need. Guide our way father for this time for we are to travel safely.
I am sorry Father God for all the bad things that I have shown to the people around me due to my words (attitude problems), Lord Father forgive me for what I have done or shown to my Families 😥.
I ask this through Christ our Lord.





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