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DKPromoter is a service available to Steem users that operates with private investment. The mission is to help users with less visibility to improve the position of their posts as well as to offer a way for users to reward or tip each other.

Although we are not against self-promotion, we prefer the system to be a platform for collaboration and help between users.

What is DKPromoter service for?

  • To promote publications for visibility.
  • To tip publications.

What is DKPromoter service not for?

  • To milk Steem with fraudulent self-publications.
  • To guarantee a return on investment by buying votes.
  • For the owner of the service to rip off a couple of Steem from users (seriously, dude; I don't have time for that).

If you want to get a return on investment you can delegate Steem Power to DKPromoter and participate in the daily dividend distribution (80% of the revenue received for advertising publications with votes).

Request for support

The service is fully automated through a bot. The bot receives the reward payments and calculates the value of the votes by reading Oracles to know the current Steem/SBD price.

However the final value of the vote or post payment cannot be guaranteed as it can be affected by issues beyond our control.

If you detect any bug or problem in the system you can open a support ticket by leaving a comment in the affected post.

Try to be polite and respectful. We will reply as soon as we can; be patient.

If you prefer to take the route of fud, insult, accusations of fraud or derogatory comments against the service, you will automatically be blacklisted and will not be able to continue using the service.

How to invest in DKPromoter bot

Get Daily Return by delegating to the bot and earn a passive income on your spare SP while helping the Steem Community

500 SP 1000 SP 2000 SP 5000 SP 10000 SP 20000 SP

How to promote content

Send at least 0.1 Steem or SBD to @dkpromoter with the link to the post you want to promote in the memo.


Min mana voting power: 85%

The value of the vote may vary from time to time depending on the total number of votes your post receives and the value and reputation of those votes.

This service is provided by @marcosdk Witness




I was Black Listed because I paid for a 100% Vote and received a 59% Vote... I replied by saying "Big Mistake" and that's what got me Black Listed... Just so everyone knows "Dude"...

You are blacklisted because every time you come to our helpdesk you start with threats and accusations of fraud before we can deal with your request. We have always resolved your complaints, but you always come back with rudeness. It's over.

Dude... That's a lie... I did nothing the way you put it... I never sent threats or accusations of Fraud... For at least a Week, I was sending you 2.500 STEEM for each of my Posts, when everyone else was sending 1.500... You never mentioned that I was over-paying... I was sending too much, and it took someone else (not you) to point it out to me...

I received other 59% up-votes from you, so when I got that last 59% up-vote from you, I sent a reply saying "Big Mistake"... That's when "I" decided to Stop using "your" Service... To my Surprise, you sent me a Refund, with a reply saying it was for the "Big Mistake"... I thanked you for the refund... This caused me to change my mind about your Servise, so I sent you STEEM for another Post... That's when you Notified me that I was now on your Blacklist...

It's all over because of your own Rudeness... I'll never use your Service again... Try to learn from this, so you don't do it to others... Remember... The more you give, the more you get back in Curations... That was the Big Mistake I was Pointing out to you... It's over Dude... My Big Mistake was using your Service shortly after Posting, instead of waiting for all my other Votes and Comments to come in... I'll never use your Service again, Dude...

This post was selected for Curación Manual (Manual Curation)

@tipu curate

Hi! I made a mistake with the link to the post (can you refund my bid?


Sorry for the inconvenience!

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