Moving / 引越しです

in #blog4 years ago (edited)

I’m leaving this note to my followers.
I am still going back and forth browsing between Steem and HIVE but I hope it will settle down soon.
If you want to find me and all the other good and cool people, You can find us at HIVE

HIVE で会いましょう。



Thanks for visiting!



See U There...!!! The #HIVE is ALIVE....!!!!

See you there!!! 😊

Hi! @djynn How are you? I would like to invite you to Japan Community a community for Steemit users from Japan and currently reside in Japan. Please subscribe to this community and feel free to post your content there and we will support your post with the resource that we have. Lets grow in Steemit together! See you soon! 😊

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