It's been over a year on Steemit

in blog •  5 months ago

Last October I made my introduction to Steemit. Entering about halfway through the bull run, I stumbled upon steemit while discovering alt coins left and right. Every project was interesting, innovative and set to "change the world". Steem especially caught my attention because it had a actual application. There was a strong ecosystem, user-base, and decentralized social media is a beautiful idea.

I also enjoyed writing and a place to share my ideas, as well as read like minded content seemed perfect. As I have spent a year on this platform, I have felt joy, disappointment and excitement. Such excitement when I see people have read my writings and take time out of their day to respond, disappointment when I worked really hard on a post and it doesn't receive any traction. Joy, reading others great posts and seeing all this community can accomplish together.

I understand some can get frustrated because steemit isn't perfect, but for me it is my favorite social media platform and I will continue to use it into perpetuity. It's a great place to share my thoughts.

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Love having you here! I was down in La Crosse for Thanksgiving. Checked out the Rotary Lights with my kids. They always do such a great job putting that together. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


I did thanks, glad you stop and check in! The Rotary lights down there is really great!

Oh WOW. Welcome back! Drop by on steemPUNKS if you wanna.