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RE: Chat with me! I upvote quality comments! :)

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hey thanks! This is a great comment :) congrats on your 1000 SP! I have that delegated to me right now and it is so fun! This song is good, i am listening to it right now. Also did you know I am an English Coach? I have been trying to come up with a way to offer english conversation practice over Dlive using video chat but haven't really got it off the ground yet.


You're welcome and Thank you! ☺ Did you like that song? I love Charlie Puth's songs mostly.

Yes, I'm aware about it. I have never used Dlive and I am too shy to come up online with my real face, I guess, there are many people on the same boat of shyness as me, lol. You can start off with some fun contest that allows people to learn English and get better in it, or you can put a short writing challenge or something like that.

Generally, people are afraid to write long posts or to even writing their own content, as they think their writing skills or English is not good. So they often back off to prevent themselves from getting judged as they see lack in themselves. But the matter of fact is, we learn through our mistakes, through our practices and experiences.

If I made any grammatical errors or used phrases in the wrong way then please feel free to correct me.

~Thank you!

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