My Trip to Cape Town Trough Garden Route : George & Mossels Bay

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George is located in Westrern Cape of Souh Africa named after British monarch King George III. Dutch East India Company firtst established their base in the regionand later in British era George was saparated as district. There are lot of fun activites to do in this place, we visited Redberry Farm, Victoria Bay, George Museum and many more.


Mossel Bay is one of the historically important town in garden route, it has vast history with europeans, native settlers and Portuguese explorers.


Post Office Tree, has 600 years old history to say. In 1501 Portguese traveler left a message near the tree saying how he escaped the storm in his journey to Calacutta, India. Next Year Joao De Nova got this message near the tree, the tree become a post office to sea travellers. Today we can see an iron shoe near the tree, where people can send post to their choice. We can also see Dias Museum with lots of information related to local history.

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Tomorrow we are leaving to Stellenbosh and Cape Town. I will share my trip details soon.
Here are the few pics that we clicked in this area:







nothing actually makes us alive except when we hang out and spend time in a historical place,, It makes me think of the way people used to live and how they thought about those designs in that time.

There is my friend living. Are you met with him? Lolz

a beautiful trip,I would like to visit the museum

this place is worth visiting, I wish to visit this place some day.

I'd love to visit south Africa. Such a beautiful country and amazing weather! @dcrypto

Wonderful! I love the masks you saw. Great photos and a wonderful place. I hope you are enjoying Africa. Looking forward to seeing more images.

Africa is a beautiful place to take vacation, history are made because of one thing, the past events. Keep enjoying your travel and also keep posting. Their are also many artifact in my country as well which told us about some past history that has happened before us and they are cute. Safe journey to you

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Excellent keep it up