The unique philosophy of science fiction without borders

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For today between parables and rationality, if the truth is absolute I bring more than a moment a space, to inform us and what we think, or we can contribute on this stream of philosophy as is science fiction, since for the mind in its world of idea construction based on the creativity of the imagination there is no border on this very fascinating content, because our present part of a fiction, with time is carried in to reality, that is why Also many culture part of the fiction to be defined or maintained over time. It should be said that in our reality, there comes a moment that in our universe our description of the reality that we see is coherent for one, in terms of our knowledge, that is also how we see science as a novelty or innovations of each day , beyond an exaggeration at the level of literature, poem, politics, reflection where it is to capture a future very close to reality, you can say hypothesis, before man reached the moon was just a history of literature, After some time I manage to reach the moon starting from a history, from a hypothesis, embodied in a theory so that science can then prove it, giving meaning to everything we see now, before going to a distant place we knew the maritime route , but you dreamed of sailing in the new ones and conquering the sky, you managed to navigate and conquer the skies, is where I affirm the following companion of this context, how many centuries were enough to see the world No other eye of reality.

Homer describes it at the time of disseminating the Odyssey, imagine if George Lucas the creator of Star war, which is a follower of the saga, had lived in the time of Plantón, which character was, we also have to voyageur philosophe dans un pays inconnu aux habitants de la Terre (1761) by Daniel Jost de Villeneuve, only this philosophy tries to speculate about the real world, since humanity waits without borders, because the scientific method usually goes through the construction of models mathematical, very complex to study in this way to achieve a more schematic models, it is about looking for formal empirical approaches, to then make a modeling. Star Trek: beyond is another example in a hypothetical universe of the Enterprise, it does not suffer from any impediment at the time of facing each new space adventure, knowledge evolves to the point that science fiction became culture, in such a way that science in the conquest of the field of physics is already the branch of quantum physics, of the quantum universe that we do not see but exists, we are already in the era of the conquest of space, which orbit in satellite space and probes, for data collection, already studied the black holes, the sound barrier was broken, just by having a bit of fiction to affirm something hypothetical, just think and fly your imagination that tomorrow your fiction is a contribution to tomorrow's furo


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