Panama Blog #1 - Sunday is Funday in Panama ! My Experiences and Perspective here...

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Header : Panama Blog #1 - Sunday is Funday in Panama ! My Experiences and Perspective here...
Welcome to my First Edition of Panama ! My Experiences and Perspective here...

Sunday is Funday Here in Panama ! If you travel around, everywhere you go, your going to meet Borrachos ( Drunks ) or people heading in that direction.
Because Panamanians love their Alcoholic drinks and Sunday is pretty much a Mandatory day to partake in these refreshments I included :-)

Where am I going today ? It's early and I'm here with steemit and you for the moment, but there was a Party across the street yesterday, and when I got up about 5AM they were just starting to chill a bit, Music not so loud and tons of clinking of Bottles finding there way into empty cases at first light.

Might be my first stop today, but I'll try to finish this story before I start making the next. Plus they might need a chance for a quick Siesta ( Nap ) and to replenish their supply. Maybe wait till the Music gets cranked up again, maybe not ?

Next option would be a short walk to the local Bar....

Well,I'm back and You didn't even know I left :-)
I left at 12 noon and its 8 PM now ( got thirsty ) , and I did start across the street, I wanted a picture of the all the Die hard people

Only a couple were left, and things were winding down, but I found out it was a Birthday Party for 4 different people, they had drank 25 cases of Beer and still went to the Bootlegger at 6 AM for 2 more.

About 4 beers in, the Host / Bartender failed to show up with refills, Just me and a Local Deaf/Mute Friend there.
He can make a kinda Ahh Ahh sound to get your attention and all hand sign's there after with Ahh Ahh for emphasis.

He said he wanted to go to the other all night Birthday Party still rocking a short ways away, I said, " I need to go to the bar ( the other direction) to get a picture for this Blog in progress (shown below ).
He chose my direction, I on foot, he pushing Bike, My wife was at the neighbors with money, but left ? I need to go home, I Said. He replied no worries " just sit on my crossbar " ! I'm buying.
Reluctantly I sit down ( not sure when he started drinking ? ) and were off ! , hey not bad, but he starts Ahh Ahh pointing out different things along the way, I don't move a muscle, and talking is pointless he's in the middle of our lane now, and I hear a car coming from behind ! He Does NOT !. But I can't move a muscle in case we wobble because of it. A extra Heart beat or 2 and it goes around, Whew. WE get there intact But I'm walking home I decide right there.
Here is proof :

My deaf friend on the far left
Only around 10 people are there today, some from the birthday Party I just visited still going strong But many have gone to a Community Party a few Kilometers away. Most go pretty much around the clock, all weekend long ( another blog soon ).
Its a slow day here, but money in pocket is never a issue at local bars ( another blog ? ) And my friend, true to his word, buys a beer for us.
Soon I'm 2 Fisted Drinking due to others buying me beer ( without even asking ) Maybe because I always use a Neoprene beer sleeve that helps keep my beer cold for longer, but no one knows how much beer I have left without asking ?
Bar Etiquette - Blog soon :-)

All afternoon only 1 dude gets Too Borracho and is convinced ? that His Embra ( female counterpart) wants him home and is half assisted, dragged and carried off by a friend with another following with backpack. ( I have picture/video ) but not posting :-). you can Imagine yourself.
They get back way to soon And I say so, Oh...He's at that shack over there Pointing--->. Nuff said.

I'll try to wind it down now:
Around Dark, head starting to swim a little and with several handed to me Beers & refusals I head towards the exit gate with a few Hand shakes (another blog) and Adios's ( To God ! ) Whew....I'm on my way home "La Vida es Buena - Life is Good"

A Peasant Greeting from my wife, Whew Nice A quick glance at my laptop....Nope never post Drunk ( yet another future blog ) "Baby I'm a little Borracho" Buenas Notches - Good night.
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Thank you for sharing your experience, Cody. Keep up the awesome job!
Upvoted & Followed you.

Great reply, thank you so much
Just working on :
This moment, see you there maybe ?
Cheers - Steem on !

Thanks :-)
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Yup..that's pretty much how it is! Especially during the holidays/festivities.

and there are many.... If you can't look like the locals, act like the Locals, It's more than worth your while :-)

Panamanians sure love to party. Even riding the bus here feels like a party with the overwhelmingly loud reggaeton music lol.

I'm going to do a Panama bus story, here is a taste of whats to come :-)
Get on The magic BUS..... sing along :-)
One of my first rides ( I was drunk ) my feet hit the ceiling/roof of the Bus :-)

Yeee haaa !

All Roads lead to Rome, when the destination is LIFE !

My next blog will tune you in ! ( maybe ) depends on my state of mind @ the time LOL

Thanks for the follow and awesome you are in Panama. Staying there long? Part of a multi country trip?

I was sailing around the world on other people boats, as either crew or Captain, But stopped to look at buying some cheap land in case I ever wanted to settle down. 10 1/2 years ago LOL