Chefs Tips #12 – Tips & Tricks for the Chef

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Today I am going to share with you a few little hints which can come in handy when storing, chopping, cooking and preparing your food. Anything to make your life and work in the kitchen a little faster and more efficient. Enjoy!

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Seasoned flour left over from coating meat can be used to thicken the pan juices to make gravy.

To tenderize cheaper cuts of meat, used for curries and stews, add 1 tbsp. of vinegar while cooking.

When roasting meat in the oven, always place it on a rack. This prevents the underside of the meat from overcooking.

When freezing ground meat, flatten the package as much as you can. This will reduce thawing time later.

For the juiciest, tastiest, grilled meat, always wait for 5-10 minutes before cutting.

Rinse bacon with cold water before cooking, this will prevent 50% shrinkage. Cooking your bacon in a preheated 365 F oven for 10 minutes brings out the best flavour. Only turn it once.

Prevent turkey from drying out by cooling it down with an ice pack before cooking it.

To tenderize meat prior to cooking, roasting or grilling, let it soak in some lemon juice for about 1 hour.

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Some Olive oil makers mix their items with cheap oils to get more profits. Apparently, as much as 70% of olive oil sold in the stores is not pure. It has been mixed with cheaper, inferior oils like canola and sunflower oil. So in order to make sure the oil you are buying is ―real olive oil here is a test you can do at home.

• Pour 3 – 4 tbsp. of olive oil into a glass jar and seal it.
• Place the jar into the refrigerator for 24 hours.
• If the olive solidifies it is pure olive oil. (Monounsaturated)
• If the oil remains a liquid or becomes cloudy it is NOT pure olive oil. (Polyunsaturated)

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For further information as well as an excellent site for references please visit:
Dr.Mercola -
Mary-Ann Shearer –

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I am offering a safe and natural alternative to conventional treatment, but these recipes, ideas and treatment should not be misconstrued or substituted for medical advice. Please always proceed with caution and test it first on a small area, or in small quantities, if you are uncertain. Should you suspect that you or your animal have a medical problem, I urge you to seek professional advice.
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Love the olive oil tip, definitely gonna see what I have been buying :)


@p1eter you may be surprised!


I may but let's hope not ...


I didn not know that about olive oil! :)

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not many people do

Didn't know about Olive oil earlier!
Also can I replace lemon juice with something else?


I believe you can but I would have to check it up for you!

I was hearing about olive oil yesterday. Thanks for the trick so I can test ours. (I hear they sometimes use soy oil which causes severe fatigue in me.)


yes @viking-ventures unfortunately most olive oil you buy no matter what the bottle says is no longer pure olive oil, it is mixed with other oils!

Nice tips! I knew some of them, but the others are going to be put to good use! If I remember them...


thanks @bengy for visiting

Great suggestions @claudiaz! I will have to try some of these out.


please do and let me know @tryskele

Some good tips! I learned a few new things. I had been wondering about how to tell if your olive oil had been adulterated and now I knows.
also I love your method of cooking bacon! I'll have to try it next time.
Thanks for sharing!


so glad you found some useful info there @porters, as they say, we learn something new each day!

I am totally saving this! There are a few tricks I didn't know about and I don't want to forget so I can try it out.

Thank you for sharing it! Will make my food that much better lol.


glad you found some useful info @foxyspirit

I really appreciate the tips especially the test on olive oil purity. I have never thought that it would be that easy to test if an oil is pure or not.

Thank you for the info!


give it a try, then at least you know what you are buying @nurseanne84. Thanks for visiting

Great tips :)
Vinegar to tenderise or 1 hour soaked in lemon ... Thank you


glad you enjoyed the tips @kaerpediem

Thank you for this! 2019 is all about the healthy way 🙌🏽