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Hi, if you are a long timer follower of chao han dot com (hahahah..sure), then this may be a surprise for you to visit my new site. Been playing with Steem for a little while and really like the platform, and I rarely keep up with it anyways. So why not just redirect it to here my Steemit Blog.

Here's how I did it by the way:


<?php header("Location: https://steemit.com/@chaoabunga"); ?>

That's it, easy hun? Why don't I just do domain forward? Well, so I can still do coding stuff and server stuff. Like maybe a Minecraft server, or use it as a masternode. I really recommend yall start playing with those too.

So there you go, I'll probably be blogging here a bit more since the Steemit platform is so easy to use, not to mention getting paid to write...and play! Dayum...we made it gamers! We made it..(tear).

Anyways...so what AM I playing atm. Here's two I can't get enough of right now, check them out, they are also on the Steem platform.

Steem Monsters and Drug Wars

Btw, Go Auburn! War Eagle!

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