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RE: Thoughts from the Front Lines: Come Out From The Whiners!

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So beautifully written Lauren! What a unique perspective. And it is true. We don't realize how easily we fall into that grumbling and complaining attitude. I love camping so it isn't a challenge. Of course our Sukkot, as it is in Israel, is at the start of summer. I think it's far easier camping in the heat than having to celebrate in the freezing cold. I love that you say you don't simply pick up well behaved children. Despite the very hard work to have those well behaved children it is a blessing when you are in a challenging situation and they aren't running amuck! Your Sukka looks so inviting. I'm delighted yours was the best yet. Ours was the worst ever. And we are extremely challenged at the moment but pressing on and trusting ABBA. Grateful for your honest post @lturner!


Aw, I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough Sukkot. Things are pretty tense where you are and I imagine that's not helping, plus situations with your 13 year old. :( Maybe next year will be better and you'll have a chance to really enjoy it.

I really like this Sukkah, but I have to admit it isn't ours (I think I linked to the site I found it at down at the bottom of my post...?). Ours looked more like a plain canopy this year. I brought some things to decorate but all the rain at the beginning to the trip kind of derailed the decorating plans. Maybe when the girls are older we can split up duties more and there will be more decorating and less simple utilitarian. It would be really nice to have a warm, inviting Sukkah space someday!

You are right Lauren. Having a warm, inviting Sukkah will make such a difference. Some of our friends really go the extra mile! Although I have to admit, when we camp, my husband takes everything except the kitchen sink! I just miss that fellowship with others over the Feast time. The most unforgettable was, of course, when I lived in Israel.

Yes, our home situation is challenging. My stepson is 23 ;) We started him on a new health protocol two months ago and the regression is dreadful. We are hoping that it is only an indication of radical improvement because I don't think we (or the rest of the farm) can take much more

Wow, for some reason I had really underestimated your step-son's age.

That's discouraging to have such a regression, for sure...:( I'm so sorry. Is there a plan for what to do if he still doesn't improve soon?

I think I'm the one who would want to bring everything and the kitchen sink! I'm still experimenting with what makes sense to bring and what just weighs us down.

The lack of fellowship really can make a person feel strange at Sukkot especially. We weren't meant to do a celebration like that alone.

It is very discouraging @lturner. And exhausting. My husband and I are taking strain. It's like being in the ocean. Just when you surface and try to gasp for air another wave slams into you

You may appreciate the post I wrote last night. It's about Sukkot in Israel! A special memory which comforts me after this past horrid one

Ugh, I have been there in the ocean (though not with any of our children). It is truly exhausting on all levels to care for other human beings sometimes.

What was hard for me to realize at the time was that there really was going to be a rescue from the ocean. I have no idea what your future with your step-son will be, but I continue to hope and pray that you'll all be pulled from the water soon.

I'll make sure to read the Sukkot in Israel post!

Thank you Lauren. May it be so. And soon. Blessings. Tracey

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