Dont Let Your Phone Ruin 2018 (you don't have to upvote)

in blog •  10 months ago

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.
Lewis B. Smedes

I found this video, and I wanted to share with you.

This video does not belong to me.

No need to upvote, just comment and share your thoughts.

How do you plan to spend 2018?

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my plans for this 2018 is to be very successful in steemit


It's a great goal @merryslamb, just don't forget to discover the World beyond technology and spend time with the loved ones next to you! :)

I hope that 2018 will be filled with success for all of those who work hard on Steemit. I have started a new video project on my YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping others succeed on Steemit. Hopefully, in doing so, I will benefit as well!

Thanks for this post that inspires people to set goals. It's always good to look back on them to see how you progress.

Spencer Coffman


Hi Spencer, sometimes we forget our loved ones. I hope steemit will benefit us and not just take away our precious time from each other. That's why I want to remind stemians to find time for your family and friends. Im glad you doing this project. Can you share a link please?


Yes, I agree with you. Many people spend all of their time completing work that they think is important. Meanwhile, the things that are really important are growing up and moving away. If you don't pay attention to what is happening around you right now, pretty soon it will be too late.

Here is the link to the Steemit Explained Playlist on YouTube. A new video will be released every week so consider subscribing. With your knowledge of Steemit, you could be a valuable source of information to others who comment on the videos.

Thank you! Sometimes we need to stop and think what we spend our lives for👌