Infographic: 7 Types of Authority Content

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the first #Steemit post of 2019.

Infographics have become a popular way to tell a story in a visual way with just a few words that captures the essence of the story while the graphics deliver the meat of the story. The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" rings true. Why write 1,000 words when you can say the same thing in an interesting graphic?

But, of course, I'm a writer. So I'm not about to dispense with words altogether. Rather, I believe the best infographics use words. Sparingly. But words, nonetheless.

In that spirit, here are seven types of authority content - The Infographic.

7 types of Authorative Content infographic

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I'm a bit up in the air on infographics... yes, they present information at a quick glance... but it is still important to read the fine print!


I agree. But everyone processes information differently, so infographics tend to appeal to those who are visually oriented.

Yes on words and graphics. Something for everyone.

Was helpful post, as i am also a web content writer. Nice to meet you @blockcurator


Nice to meet you. Glad you found it helpful.

happy new year, Thanks for sharing.


Happy New Year.

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This is very interesting sir, I will find the infografik from indonesian people, how they spend their time daily. This is very useful. I hope you dont mind if I save it. Thanks sir. God bless you.

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Sure, feel free to save it. Glad you found it useful.

Very interesting I know when I make slideshows for presentations I tend to use a mix of graphics and words as I find they are taken better by thoseI am presenting to and your post explainsi t well and it makes sense for me to continue doing that but I need to work with our graphic designers to present them better with infographics done well


I find if I just write the text and hand it over to the graphics folks, they come up with better ideas than I ever could.


that makes a lot of sense thats their area of expertise

Great information visual. I'd forgotten about of a couple of those.


Namaste, JaiChai


Glad you liked it. The best is yet to come ... :-)

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