Crypto Alternative Platforms To Youtube Where Content Curators And Users Get Rewarded

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Hey Sunshines,

Do you spend hours watching youtube videos about tutorials, talent shows, funny videos etc, but do you get rewarded for your time apart from the knowledge you just received but a token of appreciation for liking a video, watching it, commenting etc.

Many youtubers over the years have been looking for alternative platforms with YouTube cracking down on content where you don't have freedom of speech to do what you love if it includes being yourself swearing like a sailor or sharing information your passion about as it can get censored or banned, for example some channels that share homesteading, alternative living, cyptocurrency etc.

It just doesn't stop at content curators some followers are unfollowing content curators because of the overload of ads put on videos which makes the video longer to watch which the user doesn't get rewarded for there time either.

Blockchain technology is bringing out a lot of ideas and new solutions to issues that main streem platforms are not fixing or ignoring. Crypto gives the opportunity for platforms to give rewards back to content creators, and users in the form of cryptocurrency's/tokens.

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There is a new kid on the block but lets leave them to last and take a look at two that have been around the space for a little while longer.


Is a decentralised community powered video platform ran on the Steem blockchain and now adding their own new blockchain chain called Dtube chain.
At the moment while they are going through some changes you can only sign up if you have a steem account, you can read a post here about Dtube and the changes they are making here where you can claim a airdrop with your steem username.


Is a decentralized live streaming platform using the Lino blockchain, where active users can also join different affiliate programs to earn more lino.
The platform has capture the likes of youtube stars like pewdiepie that use the platform to share live gaming.


Is the new kid on the block, that has a working platform that is still in development beta for a little while longer, it will be open shortly to the public, You can find more about the platform here.
Steem (STRM) is a Monero Fork with a Total Issue of STRM 22,500,000.
As a content curator you have complete control over your content and the way you monetize it, as a viewer you have the option to monetize to watch ads or not, using and viewing ads you can get rewarded from advertisement.

What's your favourite alternative website?

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

Steemit if full of great community's here are some you may like to check out:

The @adsactly society is fabulous - Don't take my word for it check them out on discord if your interested in the crypto sphere, society.

#makeithealthy project is being held by the fabulous @woman-onthe-wing so you don't need to go healthy by yourself.

Thank you @teamnz for the personalized banner

New to Steemit or a bit lost what to do,Steem Savvy (Full disclosure that is a Refferal link to Steemsavvy you can check them out on their main page if you don't want to use a Referral link. ) is a great place to start with beginners guides, guiding you on your new journey into the world of blockchain social media.

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