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Are you gullible? Most people are. And if you’re not, you’re probably considered a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut. Why? Because people that think critically and keep an open mind to all possibilities are almost always put down and made fun of. Remember the movie “Conspiracy Theory” with Mel Gibson?

Notice how they made his character psychopathic and twitchy and dangerous? Do you think that was by accident? But you might have forgotten a minor detail: he was also right. Funny how the plot line fades from immediate recall but the mannerisms of the character remain locked into memory decades later. It’s almost like it was, you know, on PURPOSE or something! But I’m sure that's just a coincidence.


Notice how every time there’s a character in a movie who thinks holistically and 3 dimensionally he has some kind of unlikable fatal flaw as a person? He tends to be a man, and he tends to be unbearable like Chuck from Better Call Saul. It's a way for people to connect true intelligence with personal characteristics of unlikable and crazy. Give me an open-minded individualist and I’ll give you a very large group of people who automatically hate that person. Sound familiar? It’s a programmed response so it tends to be fairly ubiquitous. You've probably seen it before.

Did you go through an “awakening” process yet? If so, you have probably noticed how your friends and family have suddenly started treating you differently. When did that start? Let me guess, on the EXACT day you shed your own programming. Coincidence right? Of course.


When people call me a conspiracy theorist, I tend to call them a “Coincidence Theorist” (or a naive, gullible child depending on how much I like them). Ever notice they tend to do ZERO research and yet know all about what truth is?


Ever notice their opinions just so happen to coincide with the official narrative told to them by a box in their living room? I tend to think it’s called “Tell Lie Vision” for a reason. But what the hell do I know?!


Yep, it’s all just a coincidence, kinda like “Weapons of Mass Destruction” justified killing millions and Government Spying was only in the minds of the clinically paranoid right? How did those turn out?

I had a friend who said I should see a therapist when I mentioned the government was mining our data and had it all stored since the inception of the internet. She said I needed to be in a mental institution. Then Snowden came out and blew a big whistle.



Funny how I never got an apology or heard from her again. Isn’t that interesting how that happens, you know, like every time? Fragile egos always have to be right! We can’t have an admission of guilt because, wait, why again? What's the big deal? I'd forgive her if she asked. But she won't. And I digress.

Conspiracy Theorists are ALWAYS wrong… right? People keep stats on every piece of unimportant minutia, every detail of inside baseball, every insignificant sports statistic. They obsess over fantasy fucking football for god's sake! So why is there no score card or ongoing percentage of how many times conspiracy theorists end up being right?


Look at how 1984 isn’t just accurate, it’s a god damn INSTRUCTION MANUAL! But does anyone ever get an apology, like EVER? I have literally never seen one in real life regarding this kind of subject matter. I haven’t. Kinda strange right? It almost seems so irrational as to be mind control or something! Or, just another coincidence maybe.

How about The Gulf of Tonkin which was admitted by the Military Top Brass in charge to be a false flag event in order to “Wag the Dog” and bring America into the Viet Nam war? And yet, the text books still say it was a real event that justified America going to war.



Big Tobacco said cigarettes are fine for people and not purposefully addictive, until they lost billions. Kind of like leaded gas was fine, until it wasn’t. Kind of like how asbestos was ok for your health, until it caused cancer. Kind of like how cell phone radiation is totally harmless right? Get one for your kid!


Kind of like how chemtrails didn’t exist until they changed the name to “geoengineering” and then admitted it on the floor of congress and the U.N. and on National TV! You can even find the patents for "smart dust," cloud seeding and weather control in government documents and primary sources. But I'm sure this toxic, metallic, chemical swill is totally safe. Wait, I thought it didn't exist in the first place!

But it’s for our OWN GOOD of course, to prevent Global Warming! Yeah, that’s it. That's the ticket! Just dim the sun on purpose, that should work out fine. I mean what the fuck does mother NATURE know? This is totally normal folks. Skies have always been like this, duh. They are just con-trails (as in: it's a Con) ice crystals always melt for 5 or 6 hours because... science! I love when they deny science while INVOKING science. Fun.


Tell me, if there was a score board and on it you have written “Conspiracy Theorist” on one side and the “Official Narrative” on the other. What would the score be on those events I just mentioned? Funny how conspiracy theorists tend to get it right and yet, they are still mocked and laughed at by some of the dumbest, most naive, ignorant people on the planet. I'll bet many Americans rolled their eyes, then pointed and laughed at Paul Revere as he galloped in yelling "The British Are Coming!"

Not only do they have no courage to search for truth, they bury it and WANT to stay in this human farming experiment. They appear to love the ongoing state of human slavery where everything is backwards and the most cruel psychopaths rise to the top and kind, empathetic, intelligent, talented people are demonized, even called EXTREMIST for wanting an organic garden in their front yard. Just remember folks: “conventional farming” is food with poison sprayed all over it. Organic is just weird and exotic food for rich hippies! Normal is clinically insane.

ödemiş toplum sağlığı.jpg

The truth is, I laugh and mock the dullards and simpletons and “normies” who not only believe every single “official story” but ridicule people who ever question it. Not only that, I stopped engaging them in conversation. It’s useless and as fruitful as spinning one’s tires in the mud.

I think of two vivid amalgams in the animal kingdom every time I hear an idiot speak without doing a lick of research and yet can’t wait to tell YOU how wrong you are as if they were an eye witness. I see crabs in a barrel that once one gets close to the rim to escape, the others pull them back down:“if I’m not free, then YOU’RE not gonna be free either god damn it! Get back down here!” And the other example? Apes throwing poop at each other. That’s the level of base consciousness we are talking about here.



Not only do these folks NOT have the courage to be free. They don’t even have the fortitude to QUESTION authority. Never mind that there IS no such thing AS authority under natural law. These people are so base, they don’t know they are attacking the very people who are trying to help their children. I mean that. It’s a mental virus. And all Zombie movies are one big metaphor describing these morons. The elites get a kick out of showing people how simplistic and programmable and dull folks are by depicting the general public as Zombies.


Ironically, people that never question the official narrative often like to wax philosophic and call themselves real skeptics. But instead of being skeptical of the official story being flung at them like poop, they are skeptical only of those who QUESTION the official narrative! This outright hypocrisy would be a punchline if it wasn’t so utterly dangerous. When was the last time a president fulfilled all their campaign promises? But every four years, new confetti! We get to decide which slave master we want! Yay! I just LOVE the illusion of choice.


How many times have we uncovered human corruption in politics and yet we put on our blue tie or red tie just like the bloods and the crips, and we play good cop bad cop just like the WWE, and we think, this = good guy, that = bad guy! Frankenstein say: “FIRE BAD!” THIS time it’ll be different! I mean THIS guy really CARES about us! This time’ll be different, you’ll see!


Sure. Obama made it legal to assassinate American citizens by drone. He took away due process. He sanctioned LEGAL propaganda in the NDAA, meaning that the rules barring the media from using direct propaganda on the American people was lifted in 2013. So now it’s legal to stage the news. I’m looking specifically at you CNN. But the rest of the mainstream media is just as controlled with government agents being literally embedded in the news rooms of all major media outlets these days. That's a fact.

The media IS Fake News while calling independent journalists fake news. Again, blame others for what you are doing YOURSELF in order to put them on the defensive. Art of War anyone? Bueller?!


And it’s right there in the bill! And yet, Clinton, Bush, Trump, they all are following the same Totalitarian Tiptoe, the same agenda. I’m sure THAT is just a coincidence too though right? Funny how Obama was just like Bush, who was just like Clinton, who were all just like Trump and the agenda always wins no matter WHO is in office.


Did you also know that neural linguistic programmers in the CIA created the term “Conspiracy Theory” on purpose to cover up for the inconsistencies in the JFK assassination? They admitted this on the public record after Freedom of Information Act documents were released. So now when you hear conspiracy theorist, you’re trained and conditioned to think irrational, dangerous, crazy, extremist, not true, tin foil hat, false! etc etc. But in actuality, if you don’t question this bullshit, you’re just a programmed one of THESE:


Which brings us to internet censorship. Alternative media was making a dent. They knew it. So they rolled out the “Fake News” meme while putting out fake news because the most basic rule of psychological warfare? Accuse your enemy of doing exactly what YOU are actually doing as I said before. They use obfuscation and gas-lighting to confuse people and put them on the defensive. And it works. Like, a lot. They divide and conquer pitting folks against each other so people end up policing themselves. They self-censor. They even blame the OTHER slaves while enthusiastically doing the bidding of their masters.


But the next time people call you a conspiracy theorist, just ask: how did that weapons of mass destruction thing turn out? How about that whole Snowden, government spying thing? Cambridge Analytica? How about the Gulf of Tonkin? How about when Clinton apologized for MK Ultra and experimenting on people without their consent? They paid mind control victims millions in reparations but that wasn’t real right? Mind control doesn’t exist right? Right. Keep telling yourself that over and over and over again until you believe it.

How about agent orange created by our favorite company Monsanto? Yes, by all means, let’s trust THEM with feeding the world’s population. I’m SURE those GMOs are safe. I mean for god's sake, why WOULDN’T they be?! It's just a coincidence that a chemical weapons manufacturer is also the world's biggest manufacturer of food. Logic and consistency is lacking here folks.


I think the scoreboard is pretty lob-sided personally. It doesn’t mean there are NOT bullshit conspiracy theories, oh my god, there are. It doesn’t mean I’m always on the right side of history myself. We’re all learning as fast as we can here. This information hasn't been available forever. Sometimes we’re wrong. But why not at least Question the official story? And why would internet censorship be happening if there wasn't anything to hide? Does that make any logical sense? No. They have silenced people because telling the truth is making a real difference out there.


So yes, we can be wrong and there's no shame in admitting that. But I just think it’s funny how often we’re RIGHT. Much love and visualize peace.

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