Health: Tips for picking your choice of fresh, tasty fruits

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  1. Apple: Should choose apples at the right season. Avoid soft berries or get stuck. The apple skin must be smooth and strained. Some delicious apples can have thick skin and have pale dots. Smell the fragrance to assess the freshness of apples.

  2. Bananas: Bananas today have all year round. Not only the skin-stretch bananas have no fresh spots, both brown bark and dot-dotted spots are also delicious signs.

  3. Mango: Be the king of the summer fruits. Just look casing is evaluating its freshness. If the skin is wrinkled, the mango is ripe too. Silky skin is delicious and fresh mango. Some mangoes also have pale markings, however if they are not very pinkish, stamping and fragrant, which means delicious mango.

  4. Grapes: Grapes are the fruits that contain many antioxidants and are very beneficial to the body. The best grapes from October to April. The vine is ripe and yellowish green means fresh grapes and has good qualities. Black grapes are purple. You should also check both stalks and grapes to ensure delicious freshness. To buy grapes, it's better to eat before you buy it.

  5. Watermelon: Summer is the season of watermelon. The more massive the better. You can pat on the trunk to assess the berries of the fruit, the clapping, and not. To note both the certainty and the cucumber are not suppressed.

  6. Oranges: is one of the most difficult fruits, by even the wrinkled citrus fruits are also possible for many countries. The skin is light and smooth to express the freshness but most importantly the fruit must be heavy. Again use your nose to evaluate freshness. Avoid the berries that are of dark or brown spots to avoid broken oranges.

  7. Pineapple: Smell of pineapple fruit (distal leaf) if fragrant aroma characteristic of pineapple is ripe pineapple. The pineapple can have blue yellow color. Another note to note is that a heavy pineapple will hand succulent.

  8. Papaya: Contains many vitamins A. Just touching is that you can evaluate the freshness of the left. The fruit is not suppressed and does not have white spots in wrinkled places. The ripe papaya berries are also heavy-handed.

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