Just Checking in After 9 Days Away

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Hello to whoever you are clicking on this short post.

I'm just here leaving my occasional mark to read and up-vote a few people I follow, as well as anyone I might stumble across (with a little dust) that strikes my fancy.

Nice to see @curatorcat 's celebratory 'birthday' post, with the love ole kitty received from a lot of well wishers. Happy happy birthday to you.

Also, I'm glad that @phoenixwren seems to be feeling a little better and out chalking and walking a bit, once again. Hello Phe...

I am happy to see @ayushjalan still writing after returning from a little break. Thumbs up to you.

Of course, @ninjamike is always close to my heart as well, having been one of my first friends here on steemit and a steady supporter ever since. He's been posting more often as well, having gotten happily involved with @drugwars and @steemmonsters .

Me??? I've been lurking around doing other stuff elsewhere. You might have noticed an occasional change in the way @averageoutsider has posted and participated here over the past year? That's because, I gave the account away to a family member some time ago. They became frustrated and lost interest, so they gave it back to me.

Then...I gave my posting key to someone else for them to test the steemit waters, and they 'too' returned the key to me.

It was one way I tried to get some family members and people I know to sign up, and become active members of the community - It didn't work :=|

As a matter of fact; I 'did' get some people to start accounts, and none of them ever posted??? I guess it was the wrong time to try and get people excited about steem and steemit after the crypto crash.

Well; that's about all I got for now. I'll be sticking around 'mostly' curating and sprinkling some dust. Of course I'll be occasionally posting while I figure out how I want to proceed with this account.

I hope all of you are having a happy day, and that it stays that way.



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I know I've got to be the OG. I first found you about a week after you started on Steemit while I was perusing fitness posts.

I remember when your account said 'under new management' and I thought you just wanted to change directions. I didn't realize it was literally under new management.


You are the OG Mike lol... I remember you asked a simple fitness question or made a remark about your interest, and I responded with this longgggggggg reply; but you seemed to be happy with it anyway.

Yeah, I still was somewhat involved with oversight and occasionally posting during the "Under New Management" period (I need to change that again) Not sure what I'll be doing with this account in future, but for now I'll still be at least curating and spreading some dust votes- so they don't go to waste.

Good to see you! I hope the other stuff that has been keeping you busy has been good stuff. :)


It's been "good stuff" Phoenix :) at least enjoyable and a bit more profitable, plus I had a lot of personal stuff to accomplish that I'd been neglecting. I only made a small dent in my 'to do' list though because I was feeling lazy.


You're allowed to feel lazy. :) It's unnatural to be productive all the time.

Heyo! Good to have you back :D

I didn't know you'd given your account to someone else. It's kinda sad to see that they didn't like the Steemit platform. But oh well, you can't please everyone.

I've actually been waiting for you to host a contest like you used to before. It was so much fun and definitely one of the most memorable moments of my Steemit journey.

Hope to see you being more active. Thanks for the mention too :) You will always be one of the most influential people for me on the platform.


Hey AyushJalan.

It's kinda sad to see that they didn't like the Steemit platform. But oh well, you can't please everyone.

No one that I try to lead here, seems interested enough even to sign up unfortunately, since the downturn in rewards values; especially with that $0.000 hitting them in the face. They're getting a lot of negative feedback from the other social media sites about Steemit as well.

I've considered hosting another writing or comment contest. The 'Comment Contests' are easier to handle, and more popular in general. The writing contests (which I like the most) are very time consuming to evaluate properly if a lot of people submit (which is rare anyway) Placing points on proper grammar and structure, turns people away.

'You' were one of the few near the end of the initiative who were gifted enough in that direction. That's why you usually ran away with a placement every time :) People probably began to think the contest was rigged- like you were my partner in crime.

Nice to hear from you.


I guess I would call that an achievement lol - to be so good that people think you are fake!

And yeah, full-length post contests can be hard to handle, I know. Perhaps comment contents is the way to go. Nonetheless, I'll always try to participate in your contests no matter what.

Would be super cool to have you as my partner in crime, haha! :D

I understand why people leave after a while , it's not easy to get noticed by many , as the way things where going , spam bot's and whales destroyed all users voting power . trending hot and new where overloaded with rubbish clickbait nonsense and kind of still are . I have no interest in some drugwars bot vs fight . I never joined Steemit to get rich , i stayed to follow some interesting writers and people , the social part . But i to are very disappointed when it comes to reaction's or even votes on my post's . My over 200 followers are for the most part inactive accounts from users long gone or they are to busy promoting there own post's . Most of my post's have zero comment's and votes and are buried fast in the feed , well i guess i just ain't the quality content Steemit users would like to click and vote on . This kept me from posting for long , i enjoyed myself at the comment's section . Lately i decided to get back to posting , even if no one would vote for it . 3 to 5 post a week is it i plan to be doing from now on . I like to create visual things that sometimes have hidden messages or symbols . It is true this (your) account that i found some writers and bloggers that i still follow and read . It's true this account that i myself picked up writing a bit , well at least i gave it a try ones . Not that i entered any contest with my work . But i did improve my comments a lot ;-) . i hope you don't see the next link as spam , it's my last post for example of my works . It's about the road Steemit seems to be on , enjoy , or not . I could be as bad and low quality as my votes tell me .


Anyhow's good to have you back , now guide me to some good story's ;-)


Good to hear from you small1axe. I will have to go and check out what you've been doing on steemit lately.

People who post without much interest in the money angle here, sometimes get disappointing with the lack of engagement from others, and those nasty 'Flag Wars' going on; then leave.

You seem to want steemit, and the people on it to succeed in my opinion, because you may stop creating at times, but you still curate; voting & leaving comments on posts (which is a form of posting anyway)

I hope your day is a happy one.


I see Steemit as a free magazine with some nice options towards crypto , not something to get rich of .
Thks for your kind reaction . ill be around , reading stuff ;-)
Nice day back .

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