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And I am Still Here!

So, it's been a year since I joined this platform, and I couldn't help but get excited when I saw Steemitboard’s comment on my post reminding me of that. Its been one hell of a fun, crazy and enlightening journey!


"Should I write this? No, just let it pass, leave it till tomorrow" That kept going on in mind until I finally decided that well, I should give it a go.

I have grown to love being here and enjoying all the conversations and changes that happen here.

I love the process of thinking up what to post, I have grown to love the process of editing too. I love being able to connect with others here, and I love having to meet new people. I love reading other people’s thoughts and perspectives similar to mine or those that might differ from mine.

I love seeing all the photos taken by amazing photographers, I love seeing the waves of creativity that flows through this blockchain. I love being able to read and learn more about cryptocurrency, I love seeing how it has changed other people's life. I love it all.

Even though I have been quite busy, with less time on my hand to actually write and comment as frequent as I used to, I still am here and yes, I am not going anywhere… I am glad I did find this place!


Steemit has been able to offer me a whole lot, It did aid my development as a person. It made me rediscover and reconnect with my flair for writing and it did help me meet tons of people around the world. That, in itself, is beautiful!!

I joined not realizing how big and amazing this platform is, I was only here to post, get some incentive from my posts and that will be it. I didn’t realize that there is so much more, this big community of people who are working so hard to see this platform for the good of us all. The community one is able to experience here, is the beauty of steemit. I love seeing all of it!!!

Sure, it isn’t always as rosy as it may sound, and definitely not everyone on steemit is into the “community thing”, but yeah, the vibe that the action of the community gives is a strong one, and in some way, it makes us all feel like we are an important part of steemit. And yes, we are….

I am here and I will be here for a really really really long time! Yeah, so just incase you see me missing for quite a while, I may just be buried under school stress but I will still make out time for this place because it does have a special place in my heart, I love being part of this and I will love to see it all grow…

To be honest, I did doubt that I will be here for this long, but well, here I am. And I hope to be here for as long as it is possible…


I am grateful for all that did contribute towards the growth of this account, sure, it wouldn't have happened without you all. And that, I am most grateful for… I would have loved to list all of you guys but mehn, this will end up being a long ass post…

Much Love — Audrey❤

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Well, @audreybits, happy belated STEEM anniversary!

Mine was a couple of months ago, and in looking back, it is amazing feat to still be here on any level of activity. Just the learning curve on how to get started and understand how things work. Then posting and commenting and curating. It does take a lot of time to do it.

But as you say, you get to meet people from everywhere that you couldn't really associate with otherwise. You get to let your creativity flow. You get some kind of recompense for it.

With all the downs, there are ups. Now, all we need is STEEM to go up.

May your STEEM journey continue for as long as you like. :)

It's quite overwhelming the love I received from this post. I mean, after not being as active as I used to be or engaging as I should be, a lot of people stopped by to wish me a happy anniversary, which is really amazing... I guess that's one of the beauties of this place...

Happy anniversary in arrears to you...

Steel going up will be great news, definitely looking forward to that!


Thank you so much!

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Well, thank you. :)

I know I get excited when I see those I hung out with at the beginning of my STEEM journey show up after an extended absence. Especially those who I have a growing connection with. There was a lot of commiserating and venting and helping one another through different downtimes that I miss, because folks are no longer here, less active or moved onto some other part of the platform that I probably won't go.

So, I'm not surprised you've received the reception you have. I imagine there are plenty of people who are happy that you're still around. :)

Happy steemit birthday love. I'm glad I met you here, you're a really fun person

Thanks so much, Dearie... You are one of the fun people i have met on here, i bet you are much more fun than i am... So glad i met you...

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happy anniversary ☺️ 🐶 nice to have u here :)

Thank you so much, Tina!!❤

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Congratulations on it being a year! I've also been on here for a year since the end of March! It's our first birthday! Hooray! When I first came across you. I knew from the very beginning you had talent in you. You're a great writer. During the last whole year, thank you for being a wonderful entertainment. Also, I enjoy your cartoons.

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Thank you!! You are such a sweet soul... And happy steem birthday to you too!

Wow! It's amazing knowing that you saw that much in me... I am glad i was able to entertain you in a way!❤🤗😊

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Congrats, and I think you made it easy for people to support you by writing the great content that you do. Now to get that upvote counter to equal the days you have been on steem and more ;)

Thank you so much, Pen!! It feels great knowing that my content is being appreciated.

And yeah, that is so much for that too!! 😃🤗

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Happy birthday! ;)

You've been putting up some wonderful content here, much like the wonderful posts you've enjoyed too!

Keep steeming on :) looking forward to more of your writing. :)

Thank you so much, i really do appreciate!❤

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Awesome! And Happy Birthday! It's always great to read your blogs. Glad you're sticking around! : )

Thank you so much! I am glad i am too...

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Lovely steemiversary post! Glad to have met you in the block! Good luck with your school work and keeping writing your beautiful posts when u get the time :)

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Thank you so much, Dean! Glad to have met you too...

Thanks alot....😊🤗 I will!

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“You’re welcome!” Because I know I’m on that list you talked about. 😉

Oh sure, you are!!😃😊

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Heeeeey afi kittty!! 🐱🐱🐱


Happy Steemisarry!!! Yaay! We celebrated our first years a couple of days away only and the same month!

My my look how much you have grown. Yoi have even transcend to MINNOWHOOD! Congratulations! I am so happy and proud of what you had accomplished and I am looking for more of what you will become..

Stay humble and bubbly as always!

Love yah! 😚😚😚

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Thanks Maquemali....😸😻😽

Isn't it amazing... We joined steemit almost around the same time...

Yes yes! I have.... That sure is a great news and beautiful transition.... Minnowhood feels good😸

I am so had i met you here, and sure, i will keep bring that....

Love you too...❤🤗😊

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awwwww i was kinda away from steemit when you had your birthday
and now i'm back - and youre not writing hehehee

so i will leave this for you aficat :) hehehehe


and come back ;)

🙂 Just finished my semester exams 3days ago and i am hoping I can reignite that steem spirit in me.... Because, i might likely get caught up in the idea of "resting" after weeks of intense studying and writing exams....

Thanks so much for wishing me a happy birthday...😊😘

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Hehehhehee I know what you mean.

I needed a big break too... But now I'm back :)

It takes.time sometimes! But you will know when you want to come.back If you do! Hehhee

Rest is important too 😘

How did you do on your semester exams?

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Yeah, it is important.... Just tgat sometimes, i do take a little bit too much of it...😉

I believe i did well...😊. Thanks so much for asking....

I should be back here pretty soon...

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it will be good to see you posting more!!! sometimes i take too much rest too hehehehe but then - BOING!!!!i'm recharged and back ;)