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Come on… People aren’t robots! Appeal to their egos, when you write your blogs. You can’t expect them to do what you want. It’s how you relate to people that’s important. 

When you are writing blogs for your website, act as though you are sitting down with friends, having a tea and sharing all the latest news with them.

What do you talk about?

  • What have you been up to lately? Anything inspiring? The adventure you’ve been on. Make it a great story, something they'll never forget. Show them where you been and what you’ve have made lately.
  • Talk openly. Listen to what they have to say and reply to their comments.
  • Add humour. It’s great to hear your friends laugh with you. Make it a great party!

No one would want to visit you, at your house (website) if it wasn’t fun to be there, hey!

What do you have for `tea’? Hot yummy scones and jam? 

  • What’s hot on your website? Do you have anything that is unique, dynamic or dramatic that other websites of the same type of niche doesn’t have? 
  • What juicy news do you have for your readers? Something your guests haven’t heard about before and gather around in to hear more. 
  • What is sweet and yummy? What spectacular pictures or paintings do you offer?
  • What’s the atmosphere like there? Electrifying, great environment and inspiring décor? 
  • Is there enough left over, for people to take home with them? Can they freely download stuff? 
  • If everyone enjoys been at your house (website), make it an open house (post) at least once a week. 
  • · They will come again if they know they can share with you what they think or did as well. 

You can’t take an adventure with a robot!

Don’t act stiff or talk in monochrome tone. Talk with your hands and be expressive.

Fill your car with your friends (subscribers). People that want to go down the road with you and over the hills and beyond through the valleys, of life.

Open their eyes to the beauty all around them. Show them whats is really out there, that they can enjoy. Stop at a roadside café or craft shop.

Robots can’t share intuitive inspirational stuff with you!

Are you in there? Don’t act `blank'. Open up, enjoy what you do.

Show what you are made of. Use heartfelt emotion. Let folks feel the drama of the moment.

Open up your heart to touch the souls of those who have gone through the same stuff. Always add hope to the event or issue.

You have more power than a robot!

For a robot to work, someone, a human, has to push their buttons. 

Don’t wait until someone has to `push your buttons’!

Yes, you too, can have an exciting website too. Get out there. The world is your stage. Enjoy. People are waiting for such a human as you! 

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This is exactly what I have been needing! Thank you for the advice!

If you think there are robots on here now, then give it a couple of years haha


Love your comment. With all the work I have to do, I sometimes think I'm a robot too! hehe!