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Hello everyone!

So me and @ivargereiko will be doing a LIVE Q&A about Fitness, Weightloss and I will be telling my story as well. 

The live show will start at 8.30 pm UK time. 

I have started my 16 week transformation with him and I am hoping to get amazing results by the end of this experiment. I have lost a lot of weight on my own, but it is time to take it to the next level.  I have been eating really healthy, here are some of the examples of the food I have had. 

WEEK 1 ( so sorry about the mess behind ) lol


Here are some picture of me and @ivargereiko before and we will share a picture of us after. He is also doing his transformation and wants to get back into shape, so we are motivating each other. 

As I have mentioned before, I want to do VLOGS on fitness and show you some meal preps, so this is a perfect opportunity for you to come online and TELL us what you want to see. We will mention everyone who requests something that we can actually do. 

I really hope you can follow our journey together and maybe you want to come along on this journey and start losing weight together or getting more energy! Let's motivate each other and do it :) 

I am very excited, stay tuned and hopefully we will speak soon and I love talking to everyone in real life.

P.S. On another note, we are so close to 5000 followers!! COMMON LET'S PUSH THIS!! I have prepared my happy steemit dance already! woop!!! sayyyy whattttt!!!!

Lots of love,

Alla xoxxo

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Cook, eat, train, Steem, repeat! Haha, good luck and keep us posted :-)



hahah YES exactly in that order!!! lol!!!!

All this food looks amazing! And it looks like you're already reaping the benefits from this program :) Awesome work! Looking forward to the live show!


yeah i think so!!! see you at the live show honey!

Gorgeous, beauty and the beast lol

You look very healthy and absolutely stunning. Keep the good work!


aww thanks a lot! long way to go still!

you are soo beautiful its great seeing you taking care of fitness as health is wealth :) nothing is more than health


yes for sure health is so important!

Wwoww!! I like this post
You Have a healthy and fiery body. I wish my body was like you. You eat science too! I am very fat with a fat belly 😂 How can I ever be like you?


hahah not yet!! i am fat too!! hahaha


You don't look fat at all in your photos, you look great :-)

you both are looking great together!:>

Nice to see progress!


aww thanks a lot, we are trying to get ready for a beach body!

Oh this is awesome. :) I don't have any fellow steemians near me to do a live thing like this. I'll try to watch it. ;


heheheh yeah awesome :)) we def need you here!!

That food looks so yummy, but also super healthy, as do the two of you :):)
Great that you're looking after your health!


hehe thanks sweetie!!!

nice dish i resteem your post

This is a great initiative!!

Where will the live Q & A be? Youtube?

Am also on the path of finding my fitness again and some good tips will be most welcomed :)


I will also post it here as it happens live, so if you tune in at 8.30 on to my account, you will be able to see it being live!

That's awesome! I'm so happy you got live motivation right there for you and here with the Steemit audience :)

Do wish you had written a short line identifying the ingredients in some of those food photos though...would love to know what is under the blueberries (greek yogurt?) and beside the almonds...


heheh thanks :) yeah i will for sure!! thats actually cottage cheese! i will do proper meal plans!


Never tried cottage cheese before..but we have a healthy high protein, low-calorie yogurt substitute here in Germany known as thinking it might be a little similar to cottage cheese! Looking forward to the meal plans :)

When I saw "Live Show" and two half-naked people in the main picture... I honestly thought this was going to be a lot seedier than it actually is.


hahahah oh no!!!! hahah its fitness clothes!! looool!! there won't be any shows like that !


Yeah I realised as soon as I read more of the post lol :p

You looked awesome before the transformation - I do not know how you can make such good food and look so good !! Good luck with the rest of the transformation. Looking really good


hahahah its hard trust me!! thank you! i cant wait to show you how i will look in few months!

Nice post!

upvoted and followed you if you like fitnessallinone please follow me...

OMG you are getting so much tasty with your tasty food :D
Beauty n fitness


hahah thanks!


You welcome :)

You are doing such a good job with your fitness! I'm trying my hardest and have dropped a few pounds but its so hard when you like to cook and drink beer lol

Food and shape look good on both of you