Post #4 There’s No Hurry

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There’s No Hurry, is a phrase framed on top of the fridge in my little sublet apartment. After picking up groceries on my walk home today, I was crossing the street shifting the plastic bags of groceries in my hands and wondering what I was going to post about on steemit this evening. I glared into the drivers windshield as I crossed the street trying to ensure they saw me and were going to stay put until I got to the other side when the phrase ‘there’s not hurry’ popped into my head. That’s it I thought! I love that phrase and how I see it everyone morning and it helps me to calm the fuck down lol. It’s quite amazing actually how quickly I start stressing after I wake up in the morning – and a bit troubling too now that I am thinking of it. Why is that? After I open my eyes in the morning and stretch my arms and legs – my most immediate thoughts and instinct should be gratitude for another day. Instead, I wake up wishing I could sleep longer and stressing about my to do lists. I don’t know about you, but I write ridiculous to do lists – like everything that I ever need to get done in my immediate future needs to get done that day and is on the list, and then I edit this ridiculous list throughout the day – extending things to be completed throughout the week. I then proceed to do something that is not on the list, and then write it down JUST so I can cross it off to feel a sense of accomplishment for 10 seconds haha ahhhhhh I think I literally feel my shoulders relax into their natural resting place as I slowly exhale from the deep breath I have taken while reading that phrase – there’s no hurry – is like music to my ears!

I should maybe explain my staredowns with drivers in this city…so back to the part where I give the stinkeye (gah that word cracks me up, can’t decide if I like it, but it’s staying in this post) to the driver… the dangers of being a pedestrian in this city are for real my friends. Universe forbid, I actually trip crossing the street while the walk light is on, because I am 99.99999999% sure I am getting hit. And while I am on this topic, what’s up with only 30 seconds, and in some cases less, to cross the street!?! I am a relatively young - not ready to call myself middle-aged, please don’t make me! - able-bodied person with full sight, no kids in a stroller, and decent health and I gotta hustle to get across in time before the orange hand comes up telling me to wait. And even then, the drivers can’t actually come to a legally full stop to let people cross. Gah ok end rant – I have been holding onto that for 2 months. I am a driver too, so this isn't just a hate on for drivers. I should really write a letter to the city or create there’s no hurry stickers and slap them on some cars haha just kidding trying to scrape a sticker off a car will just make people madder!
heart in the grass.jpg
Oh and the thumbnail photo was taken while I was stressing waiting for the bus, overthinking I can’t even remember what, when I reminded myself that my thoughts and actions should be based on love, not fear (read anxiety), and I looked down and saw this little piece of trash in the grass in the shape of a heart looking back at me😊

Deep breath– there’s no hurry my friends <3

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