Biggest vs Smallest Aeroplanes in the World: Get one

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It is in Ucrane. 85 Meter long. Width is approx the width of two Soccer fields.
It rests on 32 wheels and can carry upto 250 Metric Tons.


You may choose one following the URL as follows: Wish you all the best.

Smallest Fighter Aircraft:

Developed for Indian Armies. Not for puclic sorry.

Future Trend:

Wish I will carry one day a jet on my four wheels drive.

Wish you the same :)


I would never fly in a small plane. I am weary of entering a large plane . I have seen to many plane crashes on tv.
I am wondering what is the crashing average between the larger and smaller planes.
I would think it smaller ones would be more likely to crash . More over I would think the smaller plane crash ,must be more devastating and more harmful .

Smaller one are just for convenience and short trips.
Accident is accident. Even accident with Bi cycles sometimes caused death.
Wish no accident happens to anybody.

All the best

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but they ask for password
the password they sent me does not work

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