The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections for the Quarter Finals

Knockout stage is finished, now enter the quarter final. Where 8 teams will attack each other. As usual in the previous Russian world cup contest by @blocktrades, on the knockout stage I failed to guess the exact score of 8 matches, but I managed to guess 6 teams as winners.

6 teams that managed to go are France, Russia, Croatia, Brazil, Belgium, and England. For Uruguay and Sweden, I failed to predict as a winner.

As for this time, I re-participate for the quarter finals which will begin tomorrow night. Here are my predictions:



Group stage

Knockout stage

Contest info

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I hope to find many surprises in the quarter-finals. Do you agree @mushthafakamal?


Agree bang @ayijufridar, I hope there is a new team as champion later. no more Brazil, England, France and Uruguay