⚽🏃 The @blocktrades World Cup / My selections For The Quarter Final ⚽🏃

⚽🏃Here are my picks for the Quarter Final Stage of The @blocktrades World Cup Quarter Finals! Being sponsored by @blocktrades and hosted by @anomadsoul and @acidyo ,its been a blast and has certainly made the soccer games much more interesting ! Good Luck Everyone! I think I am now up to 36 points, gaining 9 points in the knock out stage, not to bad!
⚽🏃Here Is The Link With All The Contest Details:

⚽🏃My Picks For The Quarter Finals:


⚽🏃Thanks for stopping by everyone, your support is much appreciated! Good Luck, may the best Woman Win Lol! 😂⚽🏃

@karenmckersie / @momskitchen


👍 Canada Banner/Signature, Created By @gavinthegreat Thanks!


Its almost over guys! Good luck to everyone!⚽🏃⚽🏃⚽🏃

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I see you are going with more 2s whereas I'm going with more 1s. :-)

Yes! I noticed that! hopefully we get lucky this round!👊💪✌👍

I like your Picks I think they are similar to mine, Belgium is going to surprise and will defeat Brazil 😁

Thanks! That game was so hard for me to pick so I threw a tie on it! Good luck, I will check out yours!👍⚽🏃