The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections

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What? Did you honestly think I was going to be left out of all this fun and let you all have a good time without me involved?

Feel free to steal this GIF for your prediction post

Of course not!!

I mean yeah, I can´t win because of transparency and fairness but still, I wanna see how good - or bad - would I perform in case I wasn´t one of the people putting everything together.

WRussiavsSaudi ArabiaL
WCosta RicavsSerbiaL
LSwedenvsSouth KoreaW
WUruguayvsSaudi ArabiaL
TBrazilvsCosta RicaT
LSouth KoreavsMexicoW
WSaudi ArabiavsEgyptL
LSouth KoreavsGermanyW
LSwitzerlandvsCosta RicaW

If you want to join this contest, click here.

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what he is doing, vote for @blocktrades as witness here

This is an @acidyo & @anomadsoul organized contest, if you like what we are doing, vote for @ocd-witness as witness here here


This prediction is 40% right. For starters Spain will win Portugal or atleast it wouldn't be a tie. I could bet on that. 😁😁😁😁

We'll see about it ;)

Wow, @anomadsoul I just saw this, what came into my mind was what is the boss doing here lol, is he here to cut my cake, yes my cake cos am gonna win. However, you have a nice prediction here, I have already made my entry I would have copied from you lol. Good luck to your prediction, I know you love football as I do too, I blog about football @steemsoccer1 but my greatest challenge is that the support is not coming you can check it out @steemsoccer1.

Lol yeah I also can join in the fun :P
Im Check Out your project soon, good luck

My selection will be out soon

Perfect! Thanks for joining my friend.

My country will play against Iran we will beat them .
I hope you accept this humble gift from me. IMG_20180603_202752.jpg
Also i made a video showing the process :)

great selection. thank you and @acidyo to organize the contest.

no friends at all, I really like to be friends with my friends, my kind-hearted friend I need. And help from you friends @anomadsoul

Mucha suerte, quizás pegues más que en el poker

Jajaja eso espero!

Hola Eric parece que estamos de acuerdo en algunos, espero que mis brujos me hayan dado buenas predicciones. 😂 Oye tienes un pequeño error en el encuentro Nigeria vs Iceland.

Muchas gracias! Ya lo edite jaja ay qué mal ejemplo doy.

Good analysis..
hopefully we are lucky !

You got a 39.96% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!

Some interesting results there! Very confident with Mexico bouncing back with two wins to make it to the knockout stages after the Germany result. We wonder why? 🤔

Also, the gif has a spelling mistake @blocktrades and not @bloctrades - missing a 'K'

I noticed that too late, I have to edit the post and stop using gifs other people make! Thanks for the tip tho

You're welcome! Yes, best to do your own 😉

Ay ya hiciste tu quiniela!!!!!

Muy buena suerte bro!!!!! 🍀

Good luck with the picks and thanks a bunch for putting this together. It is great to spark community engagement

Good luck to you too my friend, thank you.

Hola Eric bonito, yo ya estoy pensando en mis predicciones para este concurso y además hice un dibujo especial para la copa del mundo que quiero agregar al post entonces te queria preguntar ¿Puedo agregar las fotos de mi dibujo y utilizar un titulo como éste: "The @blocktrades world cup | My selections + Drawing" ? O ¿Debo seguir el formato estrictamente establecido para poder participar?

Esperaré tu respuesta para publicar ya que se que no debo editar la publicación una vez que la suba. Agradezco tu atención de antemano, saludos.

Claro! Está increíble que hayas hecho un dibujo para esto, úsalo!

Genial solo lo hice xq me parecio divertido, ya lo publiqué! Gracias por tu rápida respuesta.

@anomadsoul, thanks for being real everytime. You are amazing. I hope I win at some point though.

Amigo quiero participar pero mi nivel de participación es muy baja

Tienes todavía siete días para subir tu rep!

Lolz...i Thought you would have left it to the minnows like us... C'mon you don't need the sbds as much as we do.. Lolz.. Nice predictions by the way... Thumbs up.

I love football 💃💃💃

Lol we all need sbd! And I'm not a whale I'm a minnow also! Hahaha

Hahaha.. If you are a minnow, then am a plankton, planktons need sbds 😁😁😁😁

I like your predictions, somehow close to mine. Did you copy me? 😁

No no, it's just that we are equally awesome haha

You see @elteamgordo even @anomadsoul is for germany and not mexico.

We'll see...

Great pick @anomadsoul
Keep promoting good stuffs😉
Regards to @acidyo and stay cool @anomadsoul

This is a great contest which I'll definitely check it out, so thanks for sharing it.

Perfect! Don't forget to resteem the original post!

Thank you, I already did.

Hey!!! Usare tu gift en mi post, esta genial!!!

I am really waiting for the fever of the FIFA because FIFA is well awaited time for all Football Enthusiasts and i hope and wish that this time the environment in every game will be lightening and it will be memorable FIFA ever and the GIF is so amazing and you'll efforts are appreciable and good to see this post because we are counting the days and waiting for the real occasion and real fever and want to listen first whistle of Match because then the real fever will start. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Please, Follow back andupvotes me =you😊😊😊

Genial que te animes a compartir tu selección y disfrutar junto a nosotros. Sólo te deseo que saques más puntos que yo, para que no quedes tan mal, jajaja. Un abrazo.

Voy a ganar! Ya verás!

Lol, hahahha

Menurut saya prediksi bagus juga

Hi, World Cup is just 6 days away. To add more fun on it, McDonald's Fantasy Football is live. You might be interested in joining SBC WorldCup Fantasy League. Please check the following post.McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy | Join SBC Fantasy League to Win upto 13SBD

Muy buenos pronósticos pero creo que Nigeria le ganara a argentina, la cual sera su única derrota en la copa, ya que resultara campeona, te deseo suerte, espero tener la reputación de aquí allá para participar. Saludos

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