My entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest ticket giveaway

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Try to win a Steemfest 3 ticket ?

yes you can do it HERE

Or at this link :

Like me in a Vlog Openmic... explain what do you do on Steem BLOCKCHAIN... what do you want to offer to others with... STEEM.


I am @yann0975... one of the two creators of @cleanplanet (with @french.fyde)

I'm very interesting to come at STEEMFEST 3 to talk to you about this new project.

@cleanplanet is born with a new vision of reward power.
STEEM BLOCKCHAIN in the real life... we reward good eco-citizen gesture to clean our nature and city.
We reward to limit pollution !

Each steemian can do it... no litlle action...


We want to reward you for the good eco-citizen actions that you will do.

Go into nature or the city to pick up some trashes that is alone and put it in a public trashcan.


@yann0975... and...


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I wish you big luck man! You are very engaged here and you deserve it man!

Peace !


Thank you very much ... your suport is important for me !
I try to do my best for the community and the Planet
see you

Hello good initiative.
I wish you just success.
Keep on postin'


Hey @pouchon !
What a pleasure to see you again !
Thanks a lot for your support !
I hope you're great
Do you think coming at Steemfest 3 ? I try to go there but ....
I really want that our Clean Planet project grow in the steemians head !
Have you already seen it ?
See you soon my friend !
Steem on !

Thanks for making this video. That meetup sounds like it was a good event.

I also like your clean planet idea. I have a friend I introduced to Steemit who cleans the streets and beaches in Cancun and posts about it. You can check him out here.

Wish you the best of luck.


You know what ? Me yann0975 and cleanplanet reward him each day ... 😃


Cool. I signed him up to Steemit and see him sharing the platform with so many others. Plus see him cleaning the beach all the time. Truly a great guy.


And Thank you very much for your encouragement !
I am glad to participate !
See you soon