CONTEST! My 2019: Achievements and Failures

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2019, well what can i say???


It is just one of those ordinary years with extraordinary acheivements. I had lots of expectations as a human, i didn't get to fulfill all of them but i got the major ones covered....hehehe


I finished school late last year(B. A (fine arts) degree) around september after my exhibition. So i retired home to rest, of course i needed it. So 2019 was basically about me runing around trying to do ma clearnace in school and settling ma scores with them. That was a huge success, i had sorted out that phase of my face

Side Gig

After school i decided not to work yet, i needed time to rest up, gain back my weight and to build up a tight graphics porfolio for future reasons and i did that sucessfully. I studies fine arts(a specialist in GRAPHICS) back in school. So i needed to get a good job while doing graphics as a side gig.



Last year i was never serious with crypto. The first thing i was introduced to was steemit, so i began Ma journey with steem and when the price had seriously deflated, something that discouraged me alot.

Nevertheless, i grew ma roots into airdrops, embraced other blockchain platforms such as trybe, weku, whaleshares...and more. I didn't make much but i earned some bucks and got exposed to alot of info and more. I equally attended a few meetups too. Made new friends and expanded ma network to an extent.


I decided to grow this year, it was an intentional growth. I watched more educational UTUBE videos, i atteneded conferences and seminars. Participated in contests both online and offline, sent ma art works for exhibitions and learnt to be more outdoor than indoors but only for growth affairs. This i must say was a huge success and i am a better person than last year, i can bet on it(winks)


That's the acronym National youth service corps in Nigeria. its a compulsory one year programme for all graduates, well if you don't or can't go for can get an excemption letter. During that one year you are posted to another state other than your state of orgin to serve your father land. That period you are the federal goverment's responsibility and you get paid monthly as long as you are diligemently doing the task you were assigned to.

So i got posted to JOS, the coldest state in Naija. I am not complaining but that cold is not just ma thingy. So this is just ma second month, i am looking forward to a beautiful 10months ahead



I was only puntual to few events. I was always late to everything, something that affected me alot. I missed lots of opportunitues and even business deals beacuse of this bad habit.
Even when this was listed in 2019's resolution, i couldn't fulfill it

Failed goals

I wanted to learn a skill, solely an online skill. Maybe digital marketing, javascript, copywriting......
I knew i couldn't learn so much in a year, yet i attempted all forms of skills. I got into many whatsapp groups, paid money for some, i became jack of all trades and i lost out in one particular time--- FOCUS.

I needed to find a skill i loved and found fulfillment in before settling for it but noo....i was just there trying to force everything in and at some point, i broke down and began looosing interest. At the end i lost, the good thing is that i now have knowledge in those areas but i can't attest for any of them.

The Wrap

It was not a bad year, it was successful to me.
I learnt, unlearned, relearned. In a nutshell mistakes were discovered and accepted and there is going to be a big room for amendment in 2020 and beyond.

Let's wait for it.

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