My 2019: Achievements and Failures - How I Finally Learned Timing is Everything


Oh boy, I don't even know where to start this and I already feel like the beginning is not the proper place to start. I want to preface this by saying that I'm not complaining, I think I learned a lot about life and about me this year due to events that I might not be able to properly express in writing but I'll give it a shot anyways since in the last couple of days I've been able to find relief and achieve a certain feeling of catharsis by writing down things.

In late 2018, I moved to Peru with the hopes of being able to stay there for a while since the living situation in Venezuela was getting sort of overwhelming and I had a friend over there that would receive me. In the beginning everything went well and despite having no job experience and only 6 semesters of university education, I managed to land a job as a software developer over there in less than 1 month. I was kind of impressed, the pay was mediocre but it was better than nothing and they where really good people.

The year 2019 started very well, I was really high up there, I had a job, I was in a new country and hopes where really high but that all came crashing down in March when I was informed that I had been denied my stay as a refugee and at that point I had 2 choices, stay illegally or leave. I don't like breaking laws, I don't even do it in the communist hellhole where I come from and I as hell won't do it in another place. So I left, with my pride and hopes down the toilet, I boarded a plane and returned to my communist paradise...

You might be asking yourself how timing screwed this up... Well If I had gotten to Peru 5 days earlier, I would have gotten a free stay pass but instead I had to apply for refuge and got denied.

The Mid-Year


I have to admit I barely remember what happened in March-April, I spent most of those days sleeping/depressed but without giving hope and trying to figure out what would come next for me. Thankfully something that was setup in 2018 finally started off and it was thanks to @ocd, @acidyo and @anomadsoul. I started doing a weekly reddit curation thread for OCD and that finally gave me something to do, it gave me something to look forward to and I started interacting with a lot of people again. That then turned into some sort of proto-twitter sharing thing that ended up evolving further into proof of share which is really cool.

I think I did Reddit curation for almost 20 weeks but I had to stop for a while due to plans that are still on going right now. But I have to say that doing that really helped me get back in focus, don't underestimate the weight of having a purpose or something to do in your head has for motivation! Especially if you actually enjoy doing it!

The Last Stride

So Where am I now? Where am I going? I got a new job working as a remote dev/manager for Saito (we have a lot of stuff coming for 2020 so I'll make sure to post about that at some point) and I'm doing better emotionally as well, I had plans to leave the country again on December but they had to be moved to early next year because I refuse to pay the insane premium of plane tickets on the holiday season!

I've been hanging around a bit more around Steem lately as well, I decided to take the leap of the legendary 10c steem and went from 4.5k Steem to almost 13k, so I became a Dolphin and ran past the mark really far away but oh well. So far, pretty good gains with that and if it falls to 10 again, I'll probably get more!

I have big plans for 2020, even bigger than what I had planned for 2019 and you might think I'm stupid for being so hopeful after having a really dark early year but you know what, I'll fucking do it again if I had to.


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What a story about your trip from VZ! I'm so sorry it did not work out, @lunaticpandora. I follow a lot of you from this country and it seems like such mess. I hope you can find your way out again asap. Best of luck for the contest and in the coming year :)

@tipu curate

I will keep going no matter what :-D

I'm sure I will soon read of more success :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Cheers to 2020!

Each experience is a learning to follow in this constant personal evolution and spiritual growth.

I congratulate you on your achievements and hope that by 2020 your expectations will be far exceeded.

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