Merry Christmas Steemiverse!

The other day...

I had the fun of singing an impromptu version of my favorite: The Christmas song by Nat King Cole in @artemisnorth's Creatives Coffee show. I absolutely love that song, and had all intentions of recording it today for a more polished version.

But my heart is a little bit low today. And the words of this song, which happens to be my second favorite Christmas song, seemed appropriate for my mood. Written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blaine (and first made famous by Judy Garland), this song just seems to evoke a few melancholy moments where you think you'd rather be crying rather than singing.

And then, after you remember you have "faithful friends who are dear and gather near", you get to "hang a shining star upon the highest bow." Something about that line... the brightest light, high enough for everyone to see. Mmmm.

I hope you get to celebrate Christmas with every person you hold dear, whether near or far.

HUGE THANKS to @anomadsoul and @blocktrades for voting on this post as one of their 8 December votes to the Blocktrades Scholarship Winners - I'm so grateful!! Also, thank you to @nathanmars for including me in the Dtube family :) Hope you enjoy this song!

If you have trouble playing this on dtube - here is the YouTube version!

Amazing banner created by @liberty-minded


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Bringing home the tree used in this post, edited by @dreemsteem
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Background instrumental used in this video, can be purchased here. Vocals by @dreemsteem

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Eha, Dreemie! What a loving, tender care....I am completely amazed. These words are leftovers, as I'm standing speechless in front of such a grace. My first thought was to bring Saffi here to boost the surprise....surprisedly, ...or is it (?), she is already here. You know who else would love that? @audreybits! Please, dear come join the ladies party and bring more friends :-)

....And yes, @dreemsteem, you are a star! My brightest lovely star <3

thank you my sweet Ravi :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it! and i get to be part of a hyperinsane tag???? hehehehe fun :)

sending love to you!

Thank you @madevi!!!! <3 how are you, my wild-thinking friend! hehehehehe

sending you love this Christmas season :)

I know I've already told you this... but am now on third listening and crying again. You sing this so beautifully and all that emotion in your voice just shakes my soul. Gorgeous. Truly.

Evie xxxxx

my Evie girl.

Sapphire..... mmmmmm - it blows me away. it really does. and i know it really does for you too. so special.

thanks for making me cry when you cry when i cry LOLOLOL singing helped today. tomorrow will be better.

faithful friend <3

Sapphire gets me in the heart every time. Love you my Dreemie x

awe so sorry your feeling a little low. Sending love and hugs and kisses and a nice cuppa of hot chocolate. xx

chocolate always helps to boost the mood! hehehehe thank you for the love and hugs and kisses!!! hehehe days like these come and go, don't they! but tomorrow will be better!!!

Simply beautiful my dreemie - I loved that so much - again nearly as good as me :P

Andygirl! hehehe that makes me giggle EVERY time! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Makes me happy when singing can boost! not just my mood - but affect another person's mood too!

can't wait to come get you (and you know what GET you means. bwa ha ha) LOLOL

Oh my sooo mean :P Not if I get you first :D

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OMG 🤗❤️ I got goosebumps over here... That touched my core... You have such a beautiful voice.... I wonder if there's anything you can't do 😊 thank you for sharing this and brightening my evening and heart ❤️❤️ damn you are good... Second time I listen 😊👂
Love you sis ❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️

I love you back sis!!!! Today was such a rough day - and Sapphire hugged me so tightly :) You three are angels. I love you so much!!!!

I know love and some days are.... But good thing we're here to keep telling you how amazing you are and that you are SO LOVED ❤️🤗❤️ you are unique and precious!
Can't wait to se you sis.... Sapphire love 💕💖


hehehehehe i love that delivery! <3

and i'm so grateful for you - you know that! you know everything that goes on in my nutty head hehehehe and you still love me :)

Love you so much Saffi

What's not to love? 🤗💕💖
Everything about you is just amazing... I love being around you and look at all you do for people that makes them look up to you ❤️ and that all because of who you are firefly..

I know your mind like you know mine 😊 and I'm proud to call you my sister ❤️🤗❤️
We were meant to meet each other and I'm so grateful for you.
Lots of love 💕💖

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hehehehe i love our DMs when we don't even have to say a word - we just know!!! LOLOL

I know me too 😊😘 no need for words... We just know!!!

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I just love this. Thank you so very, very much. You have such a beautiful voice.

Thank you my favorite Ren :) hehehehe nothing like love and singing to help lift spirits (mine!) hehehe

Well, it was amazing and very Christmassy.

This is lovely! You have a pretty voice! 😊

Thank you @thekittygirl :) I always smile after getting a comment from you (I can hear your voice as I read your comment! hehehe)

Thank you Dreem! This is so beautiful. It brings back many memories of Christmas when I was a boy.

My wish is that you and your loved are blessed and safe this Holiday Season and every day of the year. G-D bless you sweetheart and thank you for your gift of infinite encouragement.

Thank you my friend!!! My wish is the same for you!!! ♥️♥️♥️

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Whoa i sooooo love this song and your voice is like an angel!!!! I’m feeling the Christmas spirit!!!! Goshhhhh you’re so talented big sister!!!!! Sing more please!!!!! Hehehhe I’ll save this for later, i like listening to Christmas songs every night...

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hehehhe i'll sing another one later in the week - my very favorite one!

i miss you Dorks!!!! i can't wait til you're home again <3 sending love you to and your family!!!!

WOW, my dear @dreemsteem.... what a beautiful voice you have! I want to hug you🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️!!! May I use your singing voice as a background to one of my videos? And there is never a reason to feel low, my sweet friend... not you most especially. You are so loved in this community❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ !!!

well now I feel very hugged! hehehehehe

Thank you so much! I would be incredibly honored if you ever wanted to use my voice as a background!!! wow! The piano is from the link in the post - so just make sure you credit that company with the background instrumentals, if you do use it :) (the link is at the bottom)

Today is a much better day already! what a difference a day makes - right? just trying to make sure I breathe and be patient and let time do its work (as my sweet @ravijojla reminds me! hehehe)

Thank you @silversaver888 - you are such a dear friend. I'm glad to have met you in this Steemiverse! hehehe

I certainly would love to use it. But I will need the original URL to that vid on youtube for me to get the audio. The links in this article are all blockchain URLs. I think the best is for you to send that to me in discord.

Just sent! :) If you click on the "Background music" link at the bottom - it will take you straight there too!

I will send you the mp3 version of my song in DM - i'm so touched :) thank you for that!!!

I wish you also a merry christmas with a lot of happy moments! Thanks for creating and sharing this :)

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aw thank you! hehehe hope you enjoyed it :)

Merry Christmas to you too!!! and a wonderful year in 2019! your best ever, I hope!! :)

Was looking for some 'snowy owls' but, beautiful nonetheless. Really, melty over here Cap'n. Watery eyes, er, dust. Ya, dust. Merry Christmas love.

hehehehehe no snowy owls were harmed in the making of this video!!!! LOLOL

thank you my Witty :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Today is a better day! i'll sing one more this week and that will be it for my Christmas song collection for Steemit 2018 hehehe

Love you - Merry Christmas to your and your beautiful family <3

Chin up lady!!! And remember you are awesome and dear to soooo many!! Also it could be worse!! Like someone holds you hostage and made you listen to bony M on repeat!!!!

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I never heard of Boney M until my Russian friend introduced me!

My chin has returned to it's upright position hehehe

Miss you lady! When is our girl due to peek her head out??

Well. That would a little graphic lol

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Lol you sooo lucky!!! I only started loathing Boney M when i worked in retail during vac in my uni days. They would play Boney M on repeat till 9pm!!my ears would literally bleed!!!

Glad you feeling better love!! Sagging chins are not a good look for us ladies!!

Almost time!! Looks like she will pop by earlier than expected!!! In the next 2 weeks!! Will inbox you an update in the morning!!

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Loved hearing you sing. What a treat! :)

Thank you ♥️
I'll do one more this week and that's it for Dreemie's Christmas hour 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Oooooh!! You ca sing too!! 😮😮

I loooooooooooove it! 😍
I had just melted under your voice. So warm and cozy.. please sing more of this!

Yeah somehow i can sensed that you were a bit teary-eyed and yet you still continued to sing despite and inspite..

Just lovely!!!!

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Thanks Queenie ♥️♥️♥️ yep.. it was a difficult day... But it's over now!

Onto better times hehehe

Thank you for listening heehee I can't wait til the triplets are back in action in January hehehe

Love you!

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Ohhh thats great to know! Life is hard! But know we are here for you! We love you back!! 😚😙❤

Heck yeah!!! In january we will be 3x back! Hehehe hey @twodorks you are sooooooooooo missed!

Btw, i let it play while bfeeding Mali.. he liked it!!!! And when it once finished he clapped his hands!

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that was magical. thanks for sharing..

Thanks!!! Oh I forgot to tell you... I saw you upvoting a bunch of my comments.... Don't do that haha

You need to save your votes ... We will explain about the "dust threshold" this week in training, but for now... Just upvote posts that you really like.
10 per more

But comment upvotes... Nope. Not necessary and actually... Not a good thing for you at your will just get swept away.

But i appreciate the thought!!! Nice to see you have a generous mindset!!! It will help you here 🙂

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Thanks for the tip.. It's probably a habit from years of the usual social media.. the feeling that you gotta share the love.. I've never really been stingy..

I have to write all this down in the book I'll have to buy.. the codes, norms, acronyms, and such.. If I had a pen.

Yeah .. hard to break that instant "liking"

But you'll get used to it.

It's hard to NOT do it in the beginning... Feels rude somehow hahahaha

But... When you see the reasons why.. you'll be glad to not do it, and you'll realize that no one expects it either :)

writing comments are the best way to show love (in my opinion)

Hahahahhahahahaa I can't believe you just said that about the pen... I'll tag you in a post on Sunday to remind you of why I just laughed.

P.s. are you another nighthawk!?!! It's like 4 all there right? Hahhaha

I'm actually usually up later... But heading to bed now

I'm in Cali. It's only 1 am here but calling it a night early hehehe

Will check for you tomorrow and don't forget to send me a DM when you get in the Ramble ... Gotta set you up in the room and the training DM 🙂

Night... Hawk


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my life for a pen! Or something like that..

definite night hawk..

it's always been this way, specially when I was younger and actually used to write..

Late nights were 4 or 5 good hours of writing pages of absolute melodramatic garbage hA!

and then a few years back when I got back into actual code.. late nights are the best time to get that kind of stuff down..

but worst now working with Sri Lanka. I do QA with them during the week and then do the office junk mid-afternoon.. So my work-a-day is broken into two chunks

Aw, this is supercute!!!


I hope you have had a lovely festive season, Dreemie. x

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