My 2020: Just a normal day: The depressing life of a Venezuelan doctor

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Hello friends, @anomadsoul has prepared a contest for us infowhere we should talk about how our day is going, and well here I leave my entry.

This 2020 began with a totally new routine, since in December I graduated as a surgeon and in January I started to practice, for now I am working in the gynecology and obstetrics service of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security.

My day starts very early at 5 in the morning I prepare breakfast, it's almost always arepa since I love them.

Since in the city public transport works very badly, I have to walk the following route every day:

Already after arriving I have to receive the service with all the pending, the good thing is that I almost always do it with my friend @davt014, and good already from there to work, what I do there always varies: attending to hospitalized patients and updating their orders, pass the gynecological emergency consultation where many times it is time to enter the patients and attend their deliveries:

When leaving work I have to walk the same route, and when I arrive I always meet with @ davt014 to take all the stories, and sometimes only sometimes we go out to eat something like hamburgers.

Well, that is how my day ends, I really don't do much, what could I do after arriving so tired and besides earning so little?


un dia muy interesante, todavia hay medicos que le dan su vida a venezuela, saludos

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