What happened with #https://blocktrades.us disabled SBD and STEEM

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I read an article shared by @arthestically that Poloniex has disabled Steem and SBD exchanges, you can read an article posted by @jerrybanfield and and click here to article I mean. https://steemit.com/poloniex/@jerrybanfield/poloniex-disables-steem-transfers-steem-dollars-hack-on-blocktrades.
Today when I open the site of https://blocktrades.us makes me panic, because https://blocktrades.us does not serve the exchange of Steem, Steem Power and SBD. If https://blocktrades.us stops serving SBD and STEEM POWER exchanges it is unfortunate and impossible, but if there is any updates it is good revolution. Since I joined steemit and recognized https://blocktrades.us that regardless of whether other exchanges support Steem or not, but https://blocktrades.us has become the most reliable and reliable place for many of us so I hate to see it disappear and stop supporting this platform. Here are pictures​ where you can see that the deposit and withdrawal of Steem Dollar (SBD), Steem and Steem Power is no longer in the exchange list of blocktrades.us :

Source : http://www.blocktrades.us
This blog private or public form I do not know, but I really hope the blocktrades are present again with us in the cryptocurrence SBD, STEEM AND STEEM POWER. Read other article : https://steemit.com/blocktrades/@arthestically/blocktrades-has-hopefully-temporarily-disabled-steem-sbd-exchanges


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