Predict Fifa World Cup 2018 Results and Win 2000 SBD with @blocktrades!

in blocktrades •  6 months ago

Hi, @dtubers! In this video I want to share with you the challenge put up by @blocktrades, where you can win 2000 SBD by just predicting the results of a group stage of Fifa World Cup 2018 that will start in about a week in Russia.
All the valuable information and rules you can find by clicking here:
I wish luck to everyone and let the best team win this year! Hopefully we'll see some really exciting matches and you'll be even more involved checking all your predictions for upcoming matches :) There will be prediction for the final stages of tournament as well, so stay tuned for that!
Thank you and Have a great day!

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That has to be one of the coolest things they have made yet!