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While not required to use our service, registering your email address with us provides you with a number of distinct advantages when managing your trades.

Know the status of your transactions instantaneously

Have you ever sent money to a business and worried about whether it arrived on time or what stage of processing it was in?

Our service will always allow you to track your transaction, but your session will expire after a couple hours or after you leave the website. With a registered email address, however, you can check back on it later, or even the next day, and if for some reason your cryptocurrency does not appear in your wallet you can instantly tell if the transaction reached us, if the exchange failed within our system, or if it was transferred out of our system successfully (usually meaning that your wallet is out of sync, or if it's hosted by an exchange then it could have encountered delays in your exchange's internal transactions)

Keep a record of your transactions with us

If you are making a large number of exchanges it can be difficult to keep track of them all, especially when trying to link specific inputs to outputs. Just the other month Dan himself discovered a number of cryptocurrency purchases that we had made through other services and never been credited for! We want to make it easy to keep track of your transactions so that this doesn't happen to you.

Having one centralized record of your exchanges can also be extremely handy when it comes time to file taxes, and through our website you can even download a generic CSV file (comma-separated values) to be imported into the tax software of your choice.


Additionally, having a registered email address helps you keep track of purchased Steem Power delegations. While our system does automatically send encrypted messages to your Steem account with information when you purchase a delegation, as well as when it's about to expire, keeping track of these links and durations can be inconvenient. With registration, however, you will have the ability to look up all of your delegations in one place and also receive notifications via email.

What if something goes wrong?

It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's always good to be prepared. The nature of open, distributed ledgers allows us to track down transactions regardless, but having a registered email helps us locate them more efficiently. For you, this means a direct answer to your query without the hassle of looking up and providing transaction details such as your transaction hash or deposit address.

Ok, I'm sold - now how do I register?

From our main page, click "Sign Up" in the top-right corner, or go there directly


Enter your email address and a password, then click "Submit."


You should receive a confirmation email within moments. If for some reason you do not, you may want to check your spam folder or add "" to your allowed contacts. If you still cannot find it please email [email protected] from the address you tried to register, and we will manually activate your account for you.

I've registered, but what about the transactions I made before?

If we can locate your transactions by the transaction hash, account name, or wallet address then we can merge them into your transaction history. Generally we will also require you to prove ownership of the account(s). Email us at [email protected] if you are interested in this service, and we will be happy to guide you through it.

Here's another neat trick, and one that I personally take advantage of: if for some reason you forget to log in before you generate a deposit address or create a trade, you can log in shortly afterwards and our system will automatically merge your new transaction into your account. This works with registration as well!

Next week will be our final installment (for now) which will cover some basic investigative and troubleshooting steps that you can take if you run into difficulties with a transaction, as well as some general tips for how to use block explorers to get the information that we need to locate failed transactions.

Let us know in the comments if there's anything in particular you'd like to see a guide written for, or if you have questions that you'd like to see answered in a FAQ!

Best regards.

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Can we know some of the benefit.?

I guess you should read the entire article and you will get to know about it.

The obvious downside is that blocktrades will then have a record of all your trades - a potential point of failure if you are actively trying to keep your financial matters private :o)

I like the way you think @andablackwidow!

And ... I appreciate your reasonable response @blocktrades.

Above all, I appreciate our liberty "in here," to then freely choose which of these "paths" to take ...

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Thank you for disseminating a valuable information. Hopefully and eventually I will take action; just been contemplating. Perhaps a tutorial on the ledger transaction of the various funds for better understanding. One that simple but meaningful.

Thanks for the feedback! We included some additional information about this in our latest guide:

I should try it since it is beneficial, it is a valuable information, thank you.

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Hello @blocktrades , I know yall are picky in regards to adding coins but I have a suggestion for a good project I believe you should consider possibly adding to your platform in the future: Digibyte

DGB stands out to me because it is the fastest POW based UTXO blockchain today. It has 5 mining algorithms and they may possibly add cryptonight as a 6th for ASIC resistance. They were the first to implement SegWit and they have a solid team. Jared and his team are very dedicated to their vision.

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Some fake news mixed with real insights. The term not being used is "indication of interest" or IOI. a large seller approaches the desk and the traders contact buyers to fill the block. Same in reverse. The trade doesn't happen unless the whole block can be filled.

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Great advice, I will work on it and suggest everyone about it.

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Can you give me back my money which you stole from my account? I never sent nothing to you!

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Fantastic work with this one, kudos

@blocktrades-help sir,your content is very informative.

Well, I just did it yesterday. thank you.

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Yup, I have an account there, I don't use it every time, but I'm bit aware of the benefits.

Though I didn't connect that deleting the transactions after few hours make tracking failed transactions (I mean tracking from our side) way easier. Thanks for the post.

Thank you for info,

Suprb post

Gracias por tan importante informacio , me voy a registrar, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo @blocktrades-help

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Hmmmm... That almost convinced me. Hehe. I dunno... maybe soon. :)

hola, que bueno tu post.

I tried to sign up but never got email confirmation, and my last exchange on blocktrades didn’t complete.
9 hours ago Transfer 3.102 STEEM to blocktrades. Anyway to get the Steem refunded?

Your trade looks good from this end, but send us an email to [email protected] if it still hasn't arrived.

Also, just a general note for everyone: you'll typically get faster responses from us by email if you're having specific trouble. We do our best to watch our email around the clock, and unfortunately comments on our posts tend to get a little lost in the flood.

Hello good night, I transferred 6 days ago 1.129 stem by mistake please if you are so kind to return I will be infinitely grateful, thank youScreenshot_20180713-031324.png

Everything looks good on our side for this. Send us an email to [email protected] if you're still having trouble.

I try to register on @blocktrades 3 times but never get confirmation address. I accidentally sent Steem to @blocktrades-help instead of to @blocktrades. Any way I can get the Steem transferred back to my @steemhandle account? Thank you. A9112F4A-B425-4E8B-B61A-C8CD5F4BA660.jpeg

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