A brief explanation of what the BlockTrades translation project is about

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Since I posted my post presenting round 2 of the BlockTrades translation project many people have written to me asking me questions like "How can I join? What happened to round 1? Can I still join? How does it work?" (Which, if I'm honest with you, I didn't expect) And the number of questions increased as I answered more, something that in the end consumes too much time that can be saved if I publish an article like this.

For this reason, I want to explain briefly what this project is all about. :)

We are looking for people who can translate much of the information that is available on blocktrades.us (although there are also secondary articles that can be translated).

Our goal is to make BlockTrades comfortable to use regardless of the language you speak as the language of the site will be adapted depending on your localization, making it easy for people who are not fully familiar with English to use our services.

This started 3-4 months ago

Strange, isn't it?

At first glance it seems so. Why a official post in Steem after so many months? It's just that we didn't see the project as something big enough to make a post announcing this project, so during these months we were managing everything through conversations in steem.chat. But now we also want more people to know about this project (and be able to help us with languages). So I could say that round 1 was a test of how we would make everything work if we decided to continue (for now, we will continue).

Why the rounds?

Without the rounds, the workload would be incredibly heavy because of the number of translators we would have to handle at the same time, that's why it exists. Until now, there have only been 2 rounds with 9 translators in each one, and we're already handling the future translators for round 3.

How can you join? Simple, send us a message in steem.chat (@flaws) or in Discord (flaws#0836), you must tell us which language you can help us with and, depending on which language you speak, we decide whether to accept you or not. We usually reject someone because the language is already covered (and we haven't had any problems with that translator).

People who are interested in joining using a new language will most likely be placed for the round 3. I take this opportunity to say that if there are errors in any translation (or with any translator), please send me a message in Discord or steem.chat.

A few things:

  • In each translation I will be leaving a comment, this means that I saw the translation, but I did not necessarily vote it.
  • As far as possible, I will be voting on the translations 3-4 days after they were published, in order not to cover the "trending" section with many translations. So if I commented on your translation but didn't vote for it, don't worry.
  • If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me!
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I possess English, Romanian & Russian.

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A brief explanation of what the BlockTrades translation project is about

I read this post from start to finish and have no idea what this project is about lol

Hello! Now that I've read your comment, I notice that I may have placed an incorrect title (When I'm on the computer, I'll consider changing it. Sorry for that)

As you can see, in this post I answered a couple of frequently asked questions about the project, but, if you have any other question, you can tell me :)

So does it mean anyone can volunteer to translate?
Or you guys select a certain translator to upvote?
I'm too lazy to dm you on discord so I just ask here.

Yes, although we prioritize that the translator is a speaker of the language he wants to translate to.
You can also help as proofreader if you find errors in other people's translations.

Thanks for the answer.

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That is another project that I have nothing to do, if you want to help us with this one, you can dm me :)

‘K Thanks for the info. :)

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Thanks for this clear explanation @flaws. Solid read :)

Are you somehow related to blocktrades? Just curious.

Have a great weekend ahead buddy.
Yours, Piotr